A judge blocked a law that would prohibit state and local governments from awarding certain contracts to companies that do business in Cuba or Syria.
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Why are we still on this Cuba trip? Syria I get, but what is it with the Cuba obsession?
This is where politics gets weird. Florida's Republican party wanted to sue the federal government against poorly written health care reform. At the same time seek to pass a poorly written law that usurps federal  law.
+Hector Lugo conservatives like to beat dead horses, except Romney, who liked to beat his actual horse BEFORE it died.
The US Constitution is clear... States do NOT have authority to make laws based on foreign affairs... Florida has a very strong history of illegal legislation, voter fraud and other mishandling by their elected officials... this state should be monitored by non affiliated groups just like 3rd world countries are.
Some might even call Florida Our Most Fucked Up State
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