A post-"don't ask, don't tell" milestone for LGBT service members.
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we live in 2012, not 1952... anyone that is still homophobic, intolerant, racist or just hating as a method to cover up their own homoerotic interest just need to grow up and evolve. Not my business nor anyone elses what people who have free choice do.... to be against that is to be against everything this country stands for.
But WHO reports that an overwhelmingly majority of HIV positive persons with the Aids virus are heterosexual.  Hmmm... US agencies, known for incompetent errors and bowing to corporate lobbyist, compared with a competent, trusted, world wide agency that has actually wiped out & prevented disease all over the globe.... hmmm... that's a tough decision!
I've always heard we heterosexuals have higher rate of HIV and all kinds of other diseases including mental health issues, than the homosexuals. It looks like we have to ban everyone from the military and have no armed forces then!
blood test is mandatory before any blood can be used...
+Michael Fullerton And we're still behind in times here in good ol' USA. That should at least lift bans for those (heterosexuals) who were in Europe in the 80's, I think.
+Michael Fullerton That plus we still need to stick it to King George so we have to refuse anything European even if it's good for us.
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