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One of the most disturbing and strange speeches ever... and even more bizarre and ironic: Eastwood is very strong pro gay marriage and very pro choice libertarian ... polar opposite from the current GOP
The man is senile already. Republicans should've left him on his rocking chair talking to himself instead of deceiving him that Obama will be attending the republican convention. #Pathetic. Symptom of #OldAge.
Sometimes you have to have "a few stiff ones" before you trick yourself out for GOP $$$
I enjoyed the injection of stand up at the expense of Clint. It was classic vaudeville politics. If there has never been such a thing, there is now.
Clint Eastwood now reminds me of Grandpa Simpson.
Clint Eastwood's speech was sad, he looked lost like he didn't even know what he was doing, Romney makes himself look more and more like an idiot.
The good, the bad and the ugly.

+Stephen Kershaw we all know Romney is trying to do whatever he can. Which is great because, its funny to watch him lay down in his own grave.
He is brilliant.  The concept that by their very nature, conservatives keep it more close to the vest as apposed to 'hot dogging it' so they are not perceived to exist in Hollywood, and that lawyers train to not come to clear conclusions were ideas due for a debut and only a brilliant mind could deliver them so clearly and artfully.   He talks slower as an old man, but he is sharper by far than these critics are.
Here is another example of the 1% handing me a ish sandwhich, trying to convince me it's a prime rib. Really ! Really! With all the years of experience this man has; this is what he came up with. Really!
I thought Obama's spectre in the chair was the closest we've seen to him a leadership role lately... so yeah.. it was bizarre.
My favorite part is when Clint said Biden was a smile with a person behind it... funniest one-liner ever!
Well atleast he was entertaining. How desperate are Republicans? Well loved it. Unfortunately I am still voting Obama 2012.
Seriously... Dems really can't say anything as long as they have Biden... at least Eastwood isn't on the ticket.
Biden is in the whitehouse because he's an idiot.. it's pretty obvious that Obama has a pathological need to surround himself with people he perceives are "less intellectually inclined" than himself.
He is now that old actor that stooped to fumbling for the Republican nut jobs. Well he is still a great actor and director. But this was beneath him.
I agree Mr haller. Most of the speeches seemed to more about attacking than real substance. Look I am very open minded but nothing Republicans said made me change my opinion. I am still voting for president Obama
You can tell +John Green isnt someone that would do well in business, a board room, a sales pitch, court room, politics... he's a little too narrow minded, naive and sheltered. His transparent party loyalty makes him discredulous and unreliable.
Plain and simple, Romney's attempt to be in the "spotlight" is just a pathetic way to try and "entice" people to vote for him. Which unfortunatly for Romney its doing nothing but giving him a bad name, as if already having a bad name isn't good enough. All the stars like Paul and Eastwood are just icing on the cake.
+papa githiomi I watch both canidates throughtout the election process with a open mind, but this is a joke. Romney would do nothing but destroy the little Obama has been able to fix.
An old white guy yelling at an imaginary black man in a chair. That pretty much sums up the Republican party.
Actually it was a pretty good speech.  I disagree with his premises, but he did a good job.
He's just old. I thought it was entertaining. 
There was at least one sensible thing in Clint's soliloquy: the part where "Obama" said: "shut up!" 😄 Yeah Clint, STFU!
Obama is just about as inteligent as that chair. And give Clint some credit, he's more than 80 years old.
Oh yes, Obama, a Harvard graduate on a full scholarship, head of the Harvard Law Review, one of the youngest people to fast rise and become the leader of the free world isnt as smart as a chair.  This coming from some low income, low IQ google+ troll... hmmm... how convincing.

+michael kaminsky = dumb ass
+michael kaminsky What country is that flag?  A boat in the marina has that flag, and I've been meaning to look it up.
He doesn't know what being the head of law review means.  
James, its the Russian Federation Flag... he may have ancestory from Russia, but he's clearly not Russian nor russian culture... cant believe he's living in Massachusetts either, being that Mass is a strong, overwhelming BLUE state that does very well with liberal, progressive ideals.
Stephen, you're completely right. My parents immigrated from the USSR, and MA is a liberal state. Also, I find it funny how I, a 14-year-old, am arguing with you, an adult, about politics.
1.) I dont argue about anything, especially politics; especially online with anyone of any age... there is no point to it, no one wins, no one is right, no one is wrong because views and beliefs and no one changes their mind.

2.) If you are a young teenager, you arent experienced or knowledgeable enough to even be considered a credible contributor to any discussion, especially politics. Only an adult who has actually lived independently, knows what its like to have a job, pay bills, keep responsibilities can truly value the importance and significance of politics, social dynamics and legislation.

3.) Your age was never an issue until YOU made it one... clearly no one knows your age, but you seemed to think by disclosing that would grant you some form of immunity to anything you say or present. Welcome to the real world, you cant simply hide behind things you claim or assert online... old German saying, that was adopted in English language: cant take the heat, get out of the kitchen
Stephen, he's playing the "he's too young" card. I'm not a psychologist, but I can spot a 14 yr old's writing a mile away. There's a big difference between being YOUNG and being IGNORANT. I think he's the latter plus LIAR.
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