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Oh I can guess couple names on that unreleased list!
Speedy Gonzalez and Mucha Libre!
I know!  Let's give the names of 180,000 possible illegal aliens to the public!  I'm sure there isn't enough racism in modern Florida to have to worry about their safety!

Oh, wait...
Lex Luthor has no shame. More proof that what they're doing is BS.
he's just another redneck liar that bought an election, what stupid people us floridians are
The GOP knew going into this election that they had a weak field and have relied on old GOP tactics to try to win the election. The problem is is that they will lose not only the election but moderate Republicans who believe in winning on the merits. They have truly set themselves up to become an extinct party due to their trying to keep up with the Tea Party minority. People who believe in the best in this country and the real American dream where hard work is compensated by a fair living wage will turn their backs on the GOP. The GOP has shown themselves as only caring about the wealthy and bigots(racial, economic, sex, and religious). My prediction is that there will be a sea change in the political landscape and progressives and liberals will upset the tone deaf conservatives.
be kind...after all, he IS our "Idiot-in-Chief"
I can't believe I'm saying this, +Glenard Munson, but he makes my current homestate Governor Perry sound like a genius!
<grin> +Sabeena LoBello so sorry to hear that....the good news is he won't last long...the bad news is he will last out his term.
Hopefully, it will be his and Perry's last terms together. They can then prance around together with Bush 43 on the green, green grass of Crawford.
Anybody remember 2000?  They never learn because they are never held accountable between a spineless democratic party and a stacked supreme court.
+Brady Postma that list was published illegally. It had social security numbers, addresses and such. Maybe they want a list to see who is being targeted which we all know is latinos and democrats. Illegal immigrants never refer to the blue eyed blondes from Canada or Europe.
Hold him in contempt.  They wanted to do it to Holder.
+cedrick wison, troublemakers can look up these 180,000 names in a phone book and cause them trouble.  I wouldn't mind the 180,000 people whose names are on the list being contacted privately (by mail, for example), but to simply announce the names to the world would be a danger to them all.
+Brady Postma They're not talking about releasing the names to the public.  He refuses to release the name to the election officials.
James:  I think everyone knows that.  They're just desperately grasping at straws in an effort to find some reasonable excuse.
+James O'Brien, is that true?  How do you know?

"Scott's elections agency is refusing numerous requests from voter advocacy groups and news outlets to release the list" http://www.tampabay.com/news/politics/elections/state-wont-release-larger-list-of-possible-noncitizen-voters/1237192

Notice how it doesn't say "from election officials."  These are not election officials asking, they are private groups.  They include the Press, whose job it is to tell things to the public; these names can and probably will get out if the press is informed.  Gov. Scott's excuse is that he's checking whether they are public documents, which makes sense since it is the public asking for them.

In fact, how could voters possibly be disenfranchised if the names do not end up in election officials' hands so that they can enforce them as a blacklist?  Anyone who thinks voters may be disenfranchised must necessarily assume that election officials must be given the names to accomplish that heinous act.
I think I misread the article.  Thanks.
I agree James, some of the Huffinton stories are ambiguously written, I come away thinking "what did I just read" and "huh?"
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