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"Now, I have that microphone. I’ve used it for singing for years, but I sure as hell can use it for something better than that."
It can be difficult to take Clay Aiken seriously. He's best known as the spiky-haired red-head, who lost to Ruben Studdard on "American Idol" in 2004 -- yeah, remember him? -- and then went on to sing about feeling "Invisib...
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Even once released from prison, formerly incarcerated people are often denied the right to vote, to go back to school, and to get a job.

Justice appears to have gone missing from the equation.

But, it doesn't have to be.
In the United States, African Americans are far more likely to be arrested for selling or possessing drugs, even though studies have shown that African Americans and whites use drugs at the same rate, and whites are actually more likely to sell drugs...
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David N
That's because they are criminals.
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The United States Congress is not a UFO cult. But its members are all too human, and the floors of its deliberative chambers offer exceptionally fertile ground for hatching all manner of prophecies, often of the frightening variety. 
WASHINGTON -- In the 1950s, the psychologist Leon Festinger became fascinated by a Chicago woman pseudonymously named Marian Keech, who convinced herself and a surprising number of others that the world was about to end in a biblical flood. When a...
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WASHINGTON, March 2 (Reuters) - Former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton may have violated federal records laws by using a personal email account for all of her work messages, the New York Times reported on Monday. The newspaper said the lik...
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Milk the issue, GOP....until people catch on.  These red herrings are getting to be so common that one wonders where the honest brokers are hiding.
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Sorry, Republicans.
WASHINGTON -- As President Barack Obama's immigration policies face threats from Congress and the courts, he met Wednesday with advocates to assure them he isn't going to bend on deportation relief for undocumented parents and those who came to the U...
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jl sc
Lets see, give away jobs with his fast track on trade and legalize illegal aliens, i just cant for the life of me figure out why Invoted for this jerk
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What have you been so busy doing?
The average age of a state legislator nationwide is 56, but that didn't stop these folks from running for office. With differing political ideologies and representing a range of states, they share one uncommon characteristic: their youth. The younges...
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Does that surprise you?
In a shift of opinion since the 2014 midterms, Americans now consider the Republican Party more extreme than the Democratic Party, a new HuffPost/YouGov poll finds. In the days just after the GOP retook the Senate last November, Americans were ev...
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To all real Democrats !

Even if the party has preferred Hillary to Bernie, you must vote for Hillary Clinton, as Dictator Donald Trump will, once elected, destroy everything, Democrats have achieved in the past decades: think of the environmental issues, the gun laws, the social issues, foreign policy, you name it - this selfish tyrant will cause more unemployeds than ever, new wars, a huge federal deficit and, and, and.... black-painting the Obama years is Trump`s best strategy, in order to praise his alleged capability to solve the problems of today, but America will see once again, like with Bush before, that he is a tricky blender and BIG pretender !

This scenario reminds me of the election 2000, when Bush won, because George Nader took away the votes, which Al Gore had needed to win - a fanatic focusing on Bernie Sanders would cause the same situation again, and Donald Trump will be the next president - if Trump wins, you wished, you had gone to the elections - if the party (not Hillary) has made a mistake, please remember, that we are all making mistakes, and you can make the biggest mistake in your life by not supporting Hillary - and therfore: VOTE FOR HILLARY CLINTON !!!

I supported Bernie Sanders, too, but, at the end you have to see the whole picture, not just a small frame - so think twice and support Hillary, even if you do not agree with everything she said - Trump would be a by far worse alternative, so be far-sighted and think of your and America`s future !

BERNIE SANDERS himself has proposed to vote for Hillary, so you can vote for her, too - if Hillary is not your first choice, she can yet be influenced by Bernie after the election, and I believe, that Bernie Sanders will get a political office in the new government, and he is really able to move Hillary over to the left wing - so the Bernie ideas are not dead...

So hey, all Sanders fans, please be patient - the Bernie Revolution is coming anyway, this or another way - but it´s your choice, when this revolution can begin: next November or in 8 years...!
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The President of the United States has Kentucky winning it all.
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What do you think?
The news that Hillary Clinton used a personal email address to conduct business as Secretary of State touched off a round of speculation last week on whether the controversy could hurt her chances in 2016. "Do you think maybe wrong-email-addr...
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the people that think it is a problem are not voters that would come out for her even if all of work was on a .gov address.
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WASHINGTON -- The Federal Communications Commission voted Thursday to approve strong net neutrality rules in a stunning decision that defies vocal, months-long opposition by telecom and cable companies and Republicans on Capitol Hill. Democratic C...
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+Dean Sorenmann "then the executive branch is a larger stage and runs the nation"

Actually, that is incorrect. The executive branch doesn't run the nation. That's a fallacy many people make.

Technically all the executive branch does is execute the laws of the nation. It puts into action the laws passed by Congress. Yes, the president has the ability to play with executive orders but the abilities of EO's are rather limited - an EO cannot really do anything if the president wants it to stand.

In all honesty, a Senator actually has more power over crafting the laws of the country than a president does.
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There is one married lesbian couple in Texas right now. Probably. Last week a judge allowed Sarah Goodfriend and Suzanne Bryant to obtain a marriage license, citing urgency after Sarah was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. The ruling applies only to thi...
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