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BREAKING: Multiple People Shot At Texas College Campus

Live Updates here -
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brian m
It will be those guns that don't kill people that did this.

Hate to be flippant at this time but the stupidity of that "argument" is insulting to the intelligence.
Sooooo, is more guns really the answer? 
I know I'm might be way wrong on this 1..but it seems like the anti gun voices behind it...
This is the reality of gun culture, is it not? Has this not been proven repeatedly? 
Ye and its getting a bit too repetitive now. ..
another shooting.....this one Seems a bit suspect to me- due to the fact that it is widely known the Texans are pro- guns and therefore a threat to Obama's  new anti-gun not saying i am pro-gun or anti-gun....i dont know ! Alex Jones Radio Show host (from Texas)  was in a stand off with Piers Morgan defending the Americans 2nd amendment right to bare guns and has also been defending the 2nd amendment on his Websites, radio show and YouTube, Alex even predicted that there would be another shooting soon (false flag maybe) involving children etc to make the people change their mind set and become anti-guns.... to get the amendment re-written ending in taking all the guns away from the Americans.....Then low and behold there is another shooting in Texas which just happens to be home town of the one of the biggest pro-gun states in the country.......Youve got to take your hat off to Alex he has been correct about so many predictions about the goverment so far.....i wouldnt trust any government....too corrupt !
sounds like four poeple had a disagreement
Tracy, your thinking is scary. And it wasn't a stand off. Alex was complete ignorant psychopath on the Piers Morgan show. Youtube it. 
Jeffy, do disagreements end in murder where you come from? You should let the family know your insightful and considerate thoughts. 
Jason - have seen the video several cant judge Alex until you have seen many of his videos and stories.....he may have been quite bolshy in the interview, but this does not make him a psychopath....i personally think he is a mis-understood individual who is passionate about his country and the Constitution and is prepared to lay his life on the line to defend it. My first impression of Alex was a scary one until i kept watching his interviews and videos. I dont agree with everything he says  but i was very gullable and naive believing all goverment bodies were fighting for the people, until i researched his claims of Goverment Tyrrany etc etc for myself and found it to be true! but hey...we all have our own opinions and theories !
H Tracy. I agree it is a misconception to think that government is there for the people. But because Alex is passionate and speaks in general truths does not make him correct. He is just as extreme as any on the other side. He also has a radio show to sell. Like all documents, was written for a certain period. And juat like all amendment s done to the US constitution have beeb to update it. Alex is a typical fear mongerer. Fear, fear, fear. Works like a charm. 
yes jason, alot of disagreements end in murders.i just thought if this
person went to a public place to kill poeple ,there would have been alot
more than three poeple dead. sorry if i offended you
Jason- I admire your rational thinking and i'm on the fence when it comes to the 2nd Amendment, but do enjoy listening to both sides of the argument. You are also right as  i also said earlier, i dont agree with all of Alex Jone's conspiricy theories, but do agree bit by bit our rights are being taken away from us in most countries and most people havent a clue how much corruption  lies in the arms of the goverment. I didnt until recently!  If these passionate and patriotic  Americans dont fight for their freedom from goverment corruption and tyrrany who else will and where will it end?
And thats why these conversations are so important. Jeffy, you make sense with your logic. Although most mass killings often result in what seems to be a smaller percentage of potential people that would seem to be potentially present. Tracy, I agree, rights are seemingly being altered the world over. And you're right, people should fight for what they believe in. But this is in accordance to the party in power ie Dixie Chicks with Bush. Regarding people like Alex Jones, they themselves are their greatest enemy. But I think on this issue, the problem is bigger than which party is in power. The whole system is geared and reared intentionally. Just like the financial system is geared to be forever in debt.
Thanks for the conversations both of you :) 
This is ridiculous. Banning guns won't solve the problem but surely will get the US on track. Damn where is the argument? There is none! Sort it out 
Kieron - A huge amount of petitions have gone to the White house for various reasons over the past very recent  years....initially the threshold was around 5k  worth of signatures, Each petition exceeded the threshold....therefore the Whitehouse should have taken notice but what did the White house do...they kept increasing the signature threshold until its now multiplied to well ive lost count... i think its in its hundreds of thousands now. This way they get to ignore the petitions and dont have to do anything about them.....which proves  'WE THE PEOPLE' as its says begining the constitution, but now should read 'we the people dont get to have our say and dont get to have a democratic goverment that believes in freedom, people power and a fair justice system'.
Another psycho on d loose?
Everytime I hear shooting in America, I thought it just another day.
for some strange reason it seems the more you hear about it, the more it
keeps happening.i 'm not sure if it's because of all the media attention or
I suppose "clean up in isle 5" is inappropriate?
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