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[Edit] turns out this was faked, still kind of interesting from an art project perspective... see +Steve Mayne 's comment

This made me gasp, and I knew what was supposed to happen - and you may not need the subtitles to understand that it was pretty amazing for the pilot as well!
Flying like a bird | part 14/14
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wow, you would need good arms for that
That's pretty cool. But Christ I hate inspirational music.
+Steve Mayne Hah! thanks for that, sorry to hear it really was fake, but does seem like that could be done with today's materials...hmmm
Yeah, it's a very good fake isn't it? The thing that finally made me convinced it was a hoax was actually the numbering of the videos. I couldn't work out (if it was real) how he could have known 7 months ago that he was going to need exactly 14 videos!
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