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Fun image going around the net today :) Linux is really cool to power our web servers, but...
update: this is from +Matthew Inman
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ha "buy a new mac", that is pretty true.
Amir Rehman
I strongly disagree on this one. I have been using Linux for almost 7 years now. I never needed any coding skills and I never had to compile a kernel. In fact, I only had to set up my wifi and graphics card the first year. Since then everything works out of the box and the installation of the OS takes less than 20 minutes, including partitioning. I recently tried the same with Windows 7 and I had to manually install the graphics card, the network adapter, the wifi, the printer and the special keys on the keyboard. This took more than one hour and I still had to reinstall all the software for that person manually. After the 20-minute-installation of Linux, I simply went to the package manager, selected everything I wanted to install (like in a app store), clicked apply, entered my password and that's it. Everything happens automatically and there is not even a need to reboot. It took my girlfriend (who is not a geek) about 30 minutes to understand, who things work. Never had any problems. By the way... IF you ever have a problem, there is not even a need to reboot. Simply log off by pressing ALT-STRL-BACKSPACE and log back in! It's as simple as that.
+Hubert Sobkow That might have been true 15 years ago... but not anymore. I have lots of people that I've set up with Linux laptops that report that they work perfectly even when their Windows and Apple coworkers are going down in flames and they can barely log on usually.
amir you lucky dog :P
I newer had that much luck with linux, Most common problem I had is that there simply were no drivers for some of my hardware, so I either had to write them my self, go back to windows, or dual boot.
whoever made this graphic hasn't played with Linux in the last 10 years. It has come a long way to being friendly to the less inclined. I would rather say to use Linux you have to have a functional brain. Windows requires a primates brain to use and Mac requires its users to be a retarded primate with too much money and no idea how computers work.
Huh! and they call apple fanboys and windows loyalists. They took it as funny.
They took it funny because it´s true what they say about their O.S.,
In linux isn´t that way i´ve been working with ubuntu since it apeared, and its mutch easyer to install it than another O.S. no dirvers needed, no other software than just the Linux O.S to start working. And when i say Ubuntu i can talk about any other linux distro working now.
Shhhhhhh! People are impressed when I tell them I use linux!
+Aratz Uribe Yea they get it unresolved from apple service and windows get formated every time when an issue is not solved by a restart.
go windows! and if you use dropbox (or anything like it) you dont lose your files.
+Anuraj Raveendran most commons issues with windows are solved with a reinstalation of the O.S, that´s true, and the
Apple issues can´t be solved yourselve or you must be as instrued as a linux user is supossed to be.
not exactly correct. i'm actually surfing the web running ubuntu linux 11.10 with less troubles than windows and less costs of a mac.
in linux, step 2 should be Format HD and reinstall linux.. I guess... why revert to windws (think)
You don't have to compile anything in Linux unless you're trying to use a really obscure app that's never been packaged.. and even then, it's just './configure; make; make install;'

I have a sense of humor though. This probably does depict how these OS's would seem to someone who isn't very experienced (or has no patience whatsoever).
The Linux chart is more like Step 1: Drink a beer because it didn't break in the first place. Also, if you're going to reshare, +Hubert Nguyen, actually reshare it from the original source, in this case +Matthew Inman, instead of uploading it again as your own content. Stealing content and breaking ripples makes you a bad monkey!
bullshit. ive used linux for YEARS. what this stupid graphic doesnt tell you is how much less likely it is that you will ever find yourself at step one.
+Paul Johnson : got that in Facebook, so I had no idea where this was coming from in G+ (or elsewhere). Of course, I wouldn't want to be a bad monkey ;) Maybe you should not just assume that others are out "stealing" funny pictures. That's kinda bad Monkey-ish too :P
+Thomas Li it´s easy because this joke was made 10 years ago, and in that time it was easyer to retur to windows instal it (3 h) install the drivers (20 min if you had them) and install all the ofimatic software (2h-3h) than creating a driver that was missing because the hardware sheller´s didn´t want to make it for linux, it´s as easy as that, nowadays they are making those drivers better or worst but they are making them because they see that there´s a lot of peoople that hate having to buy something overvalued or just an OS that gives more crashes than good times. (thats why apple can shell the computers at the price they do).
Nowadays for the Linux part it's just: "Step 1: can't be true."
I'm under whelmed, this recycled GNU/Linux fud is a decade old, and it wasn't correct way back then.

You're not aware that every Android Phone runs GNU/Linux, or that Google is built on GNU/Linux are you ?

The GNU/Linux Desktop is a 30 minute install, add password ... done, everything works.

Try Ubuntu 11.10 desktop some time, you will be blown away that computing is suddenly this easy.

Using Linux is just as easy as using android. Those who says you need programming skills to use it have never used Linux before.
thank god linux never needs to be fixed
or just use google chrome and you wont have worry about that
O.o; I thought it was Apple: Reboot. Did that fix? No? Take it to the Apple Store and get told it's a software problem and thus not covered. --Though hell will freeze over before I take mine to the Apple store, I go to actual computer techs.
that's it. im muting this shit.
Great!It is really!!!
I haven't recompile the linux kernel for 5 years and I am using linux everyday.

I bet "step 1" should be changed to "google your problem"
I've got google chrome it's an internet browser
as for a Chromebook
+Nestal Wan no iv been using google chrome and OS for years and iv never had to recode or change anything i only know some basic coding because i like to change things and make websites non actually on the internet but i make them any way
Where's the damn -1 button when you need it? Obviously never used Linux
That's depressing, exaggerated, and true. I've been linux-only for eight years, and right now I have two machines running because I'm trying to debug a wireless modem problem on one. (The flip side is: I have the problem because I upgraded the OS, free of charge, and it upgraded all my apps not only without breaking them but up to the latest revision... but it's crabby with my old DSL modem and doesn't want to talk to it.)
I have to say, the graphic gets to the core of it, if Windows breaks, don't try to figure out why, just start over (reboot or reinstall), mac is don't try to fix it, let the "geniuses" do it because mac users aren't smart enough, and linux well you got yourself into this mess, get yourself out!
can i just take up gardening instead? quietly weep..
Take away: Linux problems give you a chance to fix it. Exaggerated diagram but you're scewed on either of the other two while there's a chance you can fix anything on Linux (it someone else can).
are you kidding me? Linux is the MOST stable OS out there,
and everything about mac is easy and simple.
there are MANY linux distro's and unless your a noob
and quick to assume you've tried one distro you have
tried them all you are dead wrong, if your looking for
snazy shine and user friendly stuff use Ubuntu. is BLOWS
windows away with stability cost $0 and even effects,
as for coders and programmers other distro's blow
windows away too. you dont know what your talking about.
Holy crap Do you guys get butthurt easily. Anyone who didn't lol at "grow a giant beard" has no sense of humor.
Obviously, a MS fanboy post. I'll take Apple and Linux over MS rubbish any day!
+Jon Mallin I Am running adobe creative suite on ubuntu 10.10 using wine 1.3 and it works jussst fine. (:
come to the light my friend. Ubuntu is calling your name
Reminds me of the joke about the three engineers driving to work: an electrical engineer, a mechanical enginieer, and a computer engineer. Car breaks. Noise and smoke from underhood. EE - Sounds like the generator, let's get out and look under the hood. ME: No, that was a piston rod. Call a tow truck. CE: Let;'s all just get out and get back in -- maybe it'll work again.
lol its hilarious how defensive linux users get seeing graph above =D
Really sad to see how many people were brainwashed by Microsoft...
-_- This is too wrong about linux. I don't mind others getting defensive, because in linux I find the problems are EASIEST to fix.
Sorry, but Linus Torvalds hates C++ with a passion:

But switching distros is always an option - I've just done it. Ubuntu->Mint
I have a bunch of machines, from a laptop to an ancient pentium. Plop the Linux disk in and I'm good. Any funky issues I've had have been solved by google or by posting support question (which is usually solved within a day).
Bullshit.You can do anything on Linux and no it is not hard to fix the problems at all. But yes eons of using windoze is bound to have a dumbing down effect on the masses. That is not Linux's fault. And yes, you can do anything on Linux. Hopefully onlive picks up steam so that streaming gaming comes to Linux as well.
I'm still confused as to why people think Linux is so difficult. It's not.
I've used Linux for years now. At first, many years ago, I had trouble with finding drivers that worked. However, in more recent years, Linux has proven to be much easier to install run and keep running. My only complaint about Linux is that commercial software companies do not distribute many applications for Linux, although you can usually find an equal or better open source version through most package sources..
Actually, installing Linux is a lot easier than Windows. No sign your life away EULA or 20 digit activation keys required to install kernel, apps, and drivers. And no OEM crapware.
+marquis hagetaka windows easy and cheap to get?

I disagree, linux will send the CD with the OS
they will mail it right to your door, LInux is simple
or you can download it for free.

Windows is for profit, Linux is free,
windows spends Millions on advertising
endorsements and all kinds of things to promote
itself, clustering the airwaves, making it seem
simple and cheap. but infact it has the highest
rate of problems out of linux mac and windows,

Linux is $0 and no more difficult
to install and run than a windows, I think some
people forget that if you use windows for 5 years
and switch to something else. well it might take more
than a day or two to get used to it,

People who think you need to know coding to use linux
those people dont even know what linux is. and they
speak poorly about it anyway. cause they suck

yeah lol
Hahahaha LOL ~ I have windows, my boss have apple and my old work have linux ^_^
Fix a computer... or OS?!
Based on the diagram, it seems Windows is the least painful of all, though the pain for Linux might be fun. Apple is painful because we don't want to fork out cash.
yes, the only solution to solve a problem with an Apple computer. buy a new one :)
If Linux natively supported the amount of games Windows does, I would abandon Windows and hareld Linux has the greatest OS ever. Unfortunately this is not the case and for my purposes Linux is useless. But its still better than that shit those overpriced Apple paperweights are shipped with.
i have been using ubuntu for some time now and never have an issue and since i installed of bootable dvd it was very painless. much less pain than a fresh windows install
Correct on Windows and Apple. Crazy-wrong on Linux. Either it works (in which case awesomeness bestows its glow upon your being) or you give up because you have crap hardware not supported by your drivers. If you find yourself reaching for a compiler, shoot first.
+David Luu The diagram is wrong. Linux is as easy to format and reinstall as windows if not easier, There are many different distro's of linux, some are for coders. programmers or developers. more about that, UBUNTU however. is very user friendly flashy cool and stylish , aswell as a few other distro's

but people dont understand these things and they are noob's talking ish about something they dont understand,

windows in reality has the highest rate of compatibility issues and software problems, windows ranks #3 but had the best marketing strategy, however APPLE now controls the majority of the pie with computers and tablet devices,
I open windows, eat apples and use Linux
+chris lustic point taken, but with the power of Linux and it's no so mainstream (compared to Windows) exposure, if you're not careful, you can mess up the system, and have to do same reinstall (or perhaps restore) as with Windows. If you stick to the GUI as a novice perhaps that's ok. Start delving into the terminal and the guru stuff without being knowledgeable as a guru, and you could mess up system. After all, there are still some portions of stuff on Linux you still need to go through the terminal, particularly for some software and drivers that don't come prebuilt for your distro.
I have to laugh how serious people take things!! Can't believe people even make this into a debate to protect their os lol
I am a windows user, never used the other two systems and see no reason to, yet I laughed most at the windows one
Guys.... It's just a joke
+David Luu Particularily in Ubuntu in newer releases
Linux will assist you in finding these things,

there is always google, typing something in the terminal
to get drivers or something isn't so bad. infact I think it's almost easier, it finds it. downloads it. and installs it for you hardly any navigating at all to be done,



:D i run all three OS's on my Dell. Each of them suck in their very own particular way.
I loaded up Linuxmint yesterday on my broken laptop, it took me 20 mins to learn how to start a script in the terminal via /. I would say that using Linux has it possibilities, but you need a lot of patiance at first, specially when you have been a windows/mac user all your life.
Step 1 for linux is have your sense of humour removed, it seems. Or suffer from acute autism.

<waits for flames>
+Adam T Wilk shouldn''t speak about linux as a whole
it has many distro's and with Ubuntu you wouldnt have had to learn any script at all, different distro's for different users
Says the people who can't "grasp" Linux... It's okay, don't use it. You don't even need to request a refund!
Wow, clearly this graphic hit a nerve. This is one of those threads that would never happen on Facebook.

The part about having to give up and go to Windows from Linux reminded me a little of my boyfriend's LAN party house - he had to switch over to running Windows on the gaming stations because some of the games were just too unreliable on WINE:
wow and all you dumb bastards wasted all these years using windows and macs, what a waste of time lol
Nobody read it, if linux has problems it's a bear to fix. It doesn't usually, but mac os x is Unix based too, so it doesn't either.
absolutely right with windows and apple. but, not for Linux, nowaday, i think Linux is easy to use than before :)
Oatmeal classic... no way to get out of weeping :) Completely wrong, but funny none the less.
Been using Linux for 12 years. Linux people need to lighten up. This is funny.
good grief.. look at the number of posts. People are pretty protective of their OS. Reminds me of the cartoon:
"An update is available for your computer"
Linux user: "cool, more free stuff"
Windows user: "not again"
Mac user: "oooh, only $99"

That gets responses.
It's "cute", but it could have been made funnier by poking fun at Linux culture or politics. I've used Linux full time for years. Our household is cross platform, with Macs, a Windows box, plus a half a dozen Linux PCs. So I like to think I keep myself in tune with more than a single platform.

I find Linux culture entertaining, but the premise of this comic is factually untrue. I haven't compiled anything in many years. I can install software in seconds with great ease. And as a former PC repair guy, let me tell, the Windows graphic is missing a few steps there. ;)

This could have been so much better it stuck to a cultural parody. Oh well. :)
Move to Ubuntu Linux and do not fake modern Linux. This kind of scheme was actual 5 yrs ago. For lemmings: If you never used Linux, just stop to compare with what you do not know :)
Ryan P
Oh sir do I have a bone to pick with you on this picture
I see the geeks, of which I am one, have their panties in a wad! Obviously humor does not compute.
taking it all in the flavour it is meant and find it funny........... stop taking everything so seriously people!
Why is this a trending topic? It's actually rubbish.
I must say it's no longer true for the Linux part.
I strongly disagree with Linux part. I have been using Ubuntu for my laptop for more than two years now. I have never known coding in C or Java. Never recompiled the kernel. Just switch on the laptop, Ubuntu lists the security fixes and upgrades of installed softwares, i install them and continue working (no restart usually unlike windows which I use in workplace. windows simply installs an upgrade and snoozes for restart every now and then. It doesn't know that I have just restarted)
That Linux hyperbole is a bit dated. The current extended hyperbole would be: Switch distros. Start own distro to fix problem. Reduce time at work to spend more time working on distro. Realize you still haven't fixed the problem. Install Windows or OSX in Virtualbox and finally watch that video in Netflix. Quietly weep.
Very true +Amir Rehman. Got new box (AMD FX-4100, 8Gig RAM (1600MHz)) and Ubuntu 11 was up and running in less than 20 mins. Just one command updated the whole OS to new version (Oneric). You don't have to keep your motherboard driver cds arround. Within an hour (with a good internet connection) you have full-fledged web/mail server running or up and going with your development machine.
True on Windows and Apple. Not even close on Linux. Boot from the disk, all hardware (as long as it's made this century) recognized, all needed apps available, ALL FREE! No games, but that's why there are consoles.
Along as you know the console of the Linux distrubution you are using and careful how much you screw around with the installation, it is not too bad. (Windows = PC Games and 3D, MAC = Audio/Visual and Video, Linux = Everything else that needs to be done right....). If you know Linux, then you know Mac which is know basically Unix. If you want to know Windows, know DOS. It is all consoles with GUI's slapped on top of it all, no mater which way you go.
ios and android are linux derives but i dont learn coding?
Been using Linux Ubuntu for quite a few years now and no longer have to worry about viruses, trojans reinstalling etc. It serves it's purpose for me just fine.
I <3 Linux! End of discussion
This is crap :P
i <3 linux.. And let me tell you something we have a great community. So if you ever have a problem go to the related opensource forum and post there and follow as they say :)
go chromebooks! (as long as you have internet. if you dont stop using libraries for google+)
LOL the answer to the first two... Install Linux, the last one is windows propaganda.
Somebody forgot to Add a "Google for the Solution" Step in All 3.

If Operating Systems Ran The Airlines

UNIX Airways

Everyone brings one piece of the plane along when they come to the airport. They all go out on the runway and put the plane together piece by piece, arguing non-stop about what kind of plane they are supposed to be building.


Everybody pushes the airplane until it glides, then they jump on and let the plane coast until it hits the ground again. Then they push again, jump on again, and so on ...

Mac Airlines

All the stewards, captains, baggage handlers, and ticket agents look and act exactly the same. Every time you ask questions about details, you are gently but firmly told that you don't need to know, don't want to know, and everything will be done for you without your ever having to know, so just shut up.

Windows Air

The terminal is pretty and colorful, with friendly stewards, easy baggage check and boarding, and a smooth take-off. After about 10 minutes in the air, the plane explodes with no warning whatsoever.

Windows NT Air

Just like Windows Air, but costs more, uses much bigger planes, and takes out all the other aircraft within a 40-mile radius when it explodes.

Linux Air

Disgruntled employees of all the other OS airlines decide to start their own airline. They build the planes, ticket counters, and pave the runways themselves. They charge a small fee to cover the cost of printing the ticket, but you can also download and print the ticket yourself. When you board the plane, you are given a seat, four bolts, a wrench and a copy of the Seat-HOWTO.html. Once settled, the fully adjustable seat is very comfortable, the plane leaves and arrives on time without a single problem, the in-flight meal is wonderful. You try to tell customers of the other airlines about the great trip, but all they can say is, "You had to do what with the seat?"

Just an added note nobody needs to compile any code to use Linux, just some very old FUD
Yeah.... Linux flow:
1. Reformat system drive and install a fresh copy.
2. If drive failed, push in another cheap $100Mb drive, install Linux on it.
3. Enjoy your data you wisely put on a different drive and no a$$ole operating system ever forced you to put it on the system drive with those stupid automatic I* and My* folders.

Did it two days ago. Still did not screwed system disk in. Enjoying all my data intact and in place.
i never seen or had a linux what does it look like?
lol @ people without a sense of humor...Don't know about everyone else but I found the fine prints to be amusing. Have a sense of humor people, instead of huddling in a dark basement...
^ And I'm sensing that I'm going to have to mute this pretty soon cause of that comment :/
Too Funny!
Been using Linux since '94. I still have my yellow Slackware Book! Wow, has it really been that long?
Funny if this was created 10 years ago. Linux has changed drastically and WORKS out of the box. All naysayers install +Peppermint and see what Linux is like today..... Free, installs in less than 10 minutes, stable, lightning fast. If you want to argue this point some more please Circle me and lets take it off this thread :)
dead on until linux. no programming skills needed. only apply to bleeding edge users. still cute though
I've never NOT been able to recover my linux machines... I even managed to do a 'one click' solution to completely rebuild my system with about 10min of work and it just roawred to life... I think this was made by a BSD user
This is way too true. What ever happened to customer support actually trying to help you. They might try for a few minutes then you get the you need to format your computer to fix it. 0-o
@Angel Leonard well ubuntu linux sort of looks and acts like a combination between mac and pc. it's a free open source operating system, most if not all the apps for it are free. runs great and you can download it for free alongside windows, and in this case you install it like a program cool . I hope this helps to explain it here's a link on youtube to show more What makes Ubuntu 11.10 so great?
Why does any one care about the os? Everything you do is in the browser. So as long as it runs chrome you're good.
Once you use Linux there's no going back to Windows or Mac.
To all the people saying that Linux doesn't really work this way ... Windows doesn't either. I've been a Windows user for years, and I have never had to re-format the hard drive or reinstall Windows, even when my computer was clogged up with dozens of viruses/trojans.
Also: I'm guessing it took me over an hour to install a simple program on Kubuntu Linux, because I got stuck in "dependency hell." Said computer didn't have an internet connection, so I couldn't use the download manager or whatever it's called. That was NOT a user-friendly experience.
@Jenny NO!!! replacing the computer doesn't count
Jenny is correct, in that most malware doesn't require a format. It's actually pretty rare. That said, yes, if the issues are left alone enough and the problem is bad enough, sometimes a format can do wonders for a fast fix. Besides, I like to do clean OS installs on any platform. :)
@ Jenny Sue Hane i have one thing to say, mac OS certainly does lol wen something go's wrong with a mac you reloaded it or give it to the mac people to fix it
Boo! i've used Linux for the last 5 yrs & have never had to use C++ or Java to build any kernal. this is such a misconception. Linux is awesome & i'm never going back to windose (sic). Linux for the win!!
so then linux give u brain and lifelong employment :)
linux make u smart .
You forgot the part where you kick the computer. :)
How to fix computers for the severally lazy perhaps (so far as the Windows and Mac solutions go).
Ok - we have established that linux users are unlikely to have a sense of humor. None of the points are really true for any of the os's -well maybe Mac... Its just supposed to be funny.
I formated my Power Mac, and install ubuntu. :)
My pentium3 windows2000 computer updates sometimes, like critical bugs. But G3 PPC Mac updates ends, and that machine doesn't work with recent applications. Include browsers. I couldn't run opera 11 on my Mac. I'll never buy Apple PC again. It's too bad to use computer long time.
the thing about linux here, is not true!
btw, what age are you in when u made this pic? :o quite outdated! lol
(It's not nice to offend members of the Church of the Open Source. Also, since Apple can now buy your nation, it's probably best to stay on their good side. Windows? Where's the sport in offending Windows? It shoots itself in both feet fine without any help....)
Abby Hi
I've used Ubuntu and it was not at all complicated was just like plug and play.
First of all, Linux is v much stable and powerful.
A: not quite, B: why are there like a million people named 'Nguyen' in the IT industry??
I use Linux Mint now, I haven't the slightest idea how to code, I never have any serious problems. . .I've used Windows, and occasionally try it again, and always get so frustrated that I go back to Apple or Linux. . .Apple just costs too much.
Linux is user-friendly, it's just picky about who its friends are. We're best buds.
it is not totally true in some countries.
Linux: Step 1) Install Ubuntu server, follow the guides on ->Everything works.->Step 2) On to next project and much rejoicing.
Linux (Ubuntu) rocks, been using it for years.
Yes. Let's all agree that it's a stupid and untrue graphic since Linux has always been more stable than Windoze or Snapple, and there are NO differences in usability, unless you count the fact that you have as much control over your Linux system as you wish, unlike the other two. Compile? Code?? I do those, but because I can. So...
Step 1) Install Linux. (For the record, I am a devoted Fedora user of 6 years, and happy Linuxer of 14 years; sent from my awesome 64-bit dual core laptop, running Linux).
And here I thought I was the only one who had wrote a bloody-tear inducing regex!
Linux has also changed my world forever. My PC is MS- windows free for over 2 year now and i am never going back. Love the FREEdom!!!!
"In a world without wall and Fences, who needs Windows and Gates?"
Unfortunately, there is no "-1" option in google+. Linux is very stable. But +1 for other info.
I work with all 3 OS.I would say that it is absolutely true for win and mac, but exaggerated for linux, but above all, fun thanx
had 2 Macs - the first one I gave away to a friend (still running) the second one I write this Comment with - never had to return a Mac. With the Windows I had to use professionally I was always tempted to grab a hammer or another heavy item to destroy this piece of shit (excuse my French)
um... ok yes use apples mac... or winshit
Using ... windows since 1996 :) ... but in last 6 yrs .. did installation only 2 times.. bought a laptop 3 yrs back .. still running the same windows on it .. never had any major problem which leads to re installation .. maybe im lucky heheheheh .. but cool pic tough!! cheers*
I love it. So true, I'm weeping already.
Linux: Fiddle with your Xorg.conf file, I'd thought I'd see that on listed
My guess is you've never used Linux
Yuo've never seen a linux os, what you're saying is not true.
True for windows, absolutely untrue about linux (ubuntu in particular).
The second step for Windows is "Go to Step 1" :D
Picture has no point... bad joke.. A good joke need to have at least a little bit of truth in it. Fail.
Silly misinformed people. Linux is fine, there's a distro for everybody, there's a distro for everyone! There are three sides to every story...
Every OS have it's own Advantages & Cons; & about Linux, it's having simple Process of installation and using! I like it!
Fun image going around the net today :)
please use iPAD.......this is not computer....just for the NET
S Dayal
Linux is hardest to break ...
like a Diamond, in the (Software) Sky.
No comments about other OS.
Each OS represents a different kind of "World".
Actually not. Been using Ubuntu Linux since version 7.10, now on version 11.10. It keeps getting better and better. Using both desktop and server versions of it. Damn fast and damn reliable.
If anything, Huberts recycling of this old GNU/Linux FUD has been very instructive as to how times have changed.

Ten years ago the Windows and Apple fans/trolls would have jumped on it singing their chorus of "Linux sucks".

This time around, the massive number of pro GNU/Linux comments show just how popular it has become, at least to the leading edge adopters here on G+ !

I salute all you GNU/Linux lovers out there :)

We don't need to get mad about such outdated claims about Linux. It was funny ten years ago. Nowadays Linux works out-of-the-box for almost everything. It's just not true now.

Now nobody laughs at you for using Linux, which dominates top 100 super computers and half of the world's smart phone, with the same code base. I mean the kernel.

How about looking at it this way: yes Linux was not so nice ten years ago. Let's just learn the mistakes and remind ourselves not to make the same one again. Just smile, and say: "yeah I remember those days too! LOL" and walk away.
that's true for those who don't know nothing about nothing ! my 60 year old Mom is using Linux with no problem !!!!
Yeah, right, welcome to the year 2002.
sh r
Once Apple succeed in creating a cult of 'creative' and then linux created a cult of 'big brains'...but now all is same, I think.
The linux one isn't true. I've been using linux for 8 years a my only operating system and never had a need to compile the kernel. Maybe this joke would make sense if it was posted 10 years ago, but it doesn't make sense at all with the current advanced distros. BTW, this message is sent from a linux based mobile os.
Don't care if it's true or not, it's funny and made me smile. 
Step 1. Use OpenBSD. Forget about multi-media and entertainment apps, use you television for that. Get your work done with a secure and open system that is not designed to be hobbled, obfuscated or owned by any conglomerate organization. Stay away from the anti-standard MS virus, and support standard systems.
Step 2. Keep working. Fight the stupid virus from MS! The more you know, the more you'll use Unix:)
Wow - have you seen these comments? One thing has been demonstrated today for sure: Linux users have no sense of humour!
I am Linux user since a long long time, actually bit disagree but like it the way you expressed. :)
Ahh Refracted Light from Saturn thanks :) Now it will start working
While waiting for a repair at an apple store, a little old lady came in with her mac to learn how to upload a picture to facebook. She got talked into buying a new mac. I wanted to pummel the staff.
have you even tried using linux? dont bast things if you havent lived with it for a while
+John Bump just make a new installation of linux, it solved all the problems that could appear, they appera because of the incompatibility betteen some programs unsupported by GNU. Try it
Got some replies there huh!
Awesome.. OS-Opinions are awesome.. Windows Statements, True... Mac Statements, True.. Linux.. About true.. The Step 2 should be 'Try another Distro'
man you linux guys need a sense of humor. Besides it dosnt matter if linux is better than OS X and windows when it comes to things like this, since it is unusable since most people cant do there fucking job on linux because of the applications they require.
How many times did i try to use Unix-like OS on virtual desktop and give up doing!
Linux does not need compiling ... Run and use...

oh cry me a river...all this crying about "how unfair this picture is to linux" is simply pathetic :P
At least with tux you have something to try :)
definitely guys it happen to me, apple may make one day everyone a begger.
Why the heck would I need to switch between distros? After recompilation, switching distros? That's dumb. I'm running Ubuntu proudly for a very long time without any problems in either the kernel or the GUI (Thanks to the updates provided by Canonical, duh.)
I think there's another truth lying beneath this graphic - the truth that most linux users will go through fire and hell to rescue their system, rather than reinstall or cave in to other OS'es - just like a captain goes down with his ship. So they will likely never reach Step 2 ;o)
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