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A ‘One-of-a-Kind’ Project

Of all the herculean power line construction projects recently undertaken in Canada, the I1K power line project in Northern Saskatchewan may be one that demands industry attention more than any other; everything required to create the 300-kilometer (185-mile) stretch of power line — from the initial survey to the stringing of the line — has had to be either be flown in or completed by air.

...Through a unique agreement with contractor Valard, a range of aircraft from Helicopter Transport Services were utilized on the construction project in Saskatchewan.

...The operator used its Sikorsky CH-54B on the project (at one point using two of the heavy lift juggernauts, which can lift up to 25,000 pounds/11,340 kilograms on the hook), but also had a unique agreement with Valard that took advantage of HTS’ diverse range of aircraft.

“They’re close, and we had an arrangement with them so that we could get their machines in and out as required,” said Ross. “They knew they were going to be here for the entire season, but the exact machines varied from month to month — it could be two or three mediums, or two or three intermediates. The ability to mix and match really helped us.”

Ross said Valard chose the CH-54B because of its lifting capacity. “As a restricted category aircraft, it’s lighter than the [Erickson S-64] E or F models,” he said. “In this particular project, we have some structure components that are just too heavy for the F model crane, and just doable by this [CH-54 B] version that HTS has.”
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