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My entry for the #ingresswear  contest!
Dedicated to Ingress ENL agents in the city of Pune, India! Beautiful Enlightened representation which makes the "P" of Pune, while the building shown on top is "Shaniwar Wada", a palatial fort belonging to the Peshwas of Pune, which has a great historical background.
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Hrushikesh Ghatpande

commented on a video on YouTube.
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That's what McDonald's Coke Float does in your stomach :D
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No matter what I do, this app keeps crashing on my Galaxy S3. I tried this with stock Samsung ROM as well as Cyanogenmod. However, it crashes after a while, and only alternative is restarting the phone. Please help.
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+Ingress +Brandon Badger 
#sitrep #ingress #enlightened
Six Flash Fields: Pune, India: Part 1
When the top enlightened agents from Pune met up in the last week of January, they decided its time to show what Pune Enlightened stands for! We always had a dream, a dream to cover this gem of a city in a green blanket. They say dreams do come true. Yes, the dream came true multiple times over, and we ended up covering Pune in green fields 6 times in a month, each field getting bigger and thicker than the previous one! And the month isn't even over yet!

Flash Fields OPs 1-3 (Ahmednagar - Mahabaleshwar - Lonavala/Kamshet/Talegaon)
The first three fields were relatively simpler, the first two basically being flash fields done within a few hours of each other. Ahmednagar and Mahabaleshwar proved to be important pivots.
Two days later, agent @TheHrushi and @damnPrAsU made a third field from Talegaon, this time also covering cities of Narayangaon and Nashik as a part of #wildfir3 OP, along with Pune, of course. In all the three fields, its a must to mention agent @BrightEagle who consistently helped us in powering up and linking the Mahabaleshwar pivot. Also, agents @damnPrAsU and @TheHrushi travelled to remote places like Ahmednagar and Talegaon respectively. Frankly, we had never thought three fields within a week would be possible this easily. Our coordination and continuous intel support from @Helios89 made this possible. We were very happy about our achievements. However, Pune Resistance (along with Resistance India) decided its time for their megafields. They came up with four layers to cover Pune, in synchronization with the rest of India, however we took the Pune fields down within 34 minutes, and even set up crosslinks to prevent future ones. Little did the resistance agents know that we were aiming at something bigger, much much bigger next week.

Agents involved
Scattered across the OPs, here’s a consolidated list of agents who helped in a major way:
+Azhar Mulani @BrightEagle(linking, intel, comm)
+Rahul H @Helios89(linking, intel, comm)
+Hrushikesh Ghatpande @TheHrushi(linking, intel)
+Prasanna Deshpande @damnPrAsU(linking)
+Paritosh Bhide @Aendir(cleanup, ADA)
(and many more agents who played their part in key transfers and other cleanups etc.)

“Such is the spirit of Pune Enlightened, we decided to come back with a bang!” ... Read more in Part2:
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No-Op barrier 5.9 B

We would love to share the experience of taking down the resistance portals and breaking their MU OP expeditely. Resistance planned this op yesterday and tried to hit the largest MU units by covering India and other countries.

Enlightened agents from India were enjoying the Sunday happily. We had our routine chats between Enlightened agents from various parts of India. All of a sudden, Resistance team in Trichy, Tamilnadu started to upgrade the portals there. Agents from Chennai and Bangalore got suspicious on these portal upgrades.

Suddenly the Resistance global MU units started rising. ENL were on the foot looking for what was happening,  where exactly these fields were created. It had started around 3:00 pm IST 09 Feb 2014. The fields came up just before 3:30 pm check point. Resistance agents made their anchor portals in Hyderabad and Mumbai. They tried to make fields covering Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad, Bangalore and Trichy. Additionally, our speculation was that they had fields planned from Maldives and Sri Lanka. Was the India Resistance trying to achieve 5.94 Billion mind units that Enlightened had achieved one week ago. Enlightened players in India were extremely motivated and quick to act.

Chennai Agents Activity:
There were three agents @Ahahohoh @achirine @KILow0g who were in an official meeting at Katpadi. We contacted them to create any possible block links ASAP. They created few blocking links to avoid blue fields from Trichy to Bangalore. Also agent @iTrigger @theDriftking created links from Chennai to Coimbatore, Chennai to Trichy and agent  @Hemanthkumar created links from Chennai to Vellor. With these cross links we had suppressed the possible fields from Tamilnadu.
Bangalore Agents Activity:
During this time, resistance agents from Mumbai and Hyderabad, had started to create layered fields to Bangalore. Agents @atombomb and @djasdak immediately set off to the portals to destroy “all” the layered fields, even when resistance players were still making the fields the innermost portals was destroyed in 30 min. Our agents destroyed “all” the fields near Bangalore by 4:20 pm. Agent @atombomb threw blocking links from north Bangalore to Mysore cutting of all the plans to link from Mysore-Bangalore road to male and mumbai. Agent @sheldor drove all the way from Bangalore to Chikka Tirupathi to create blocking links to Calicut, which was done by 4:55 pm.

Now, we were scrambling enl agents to potential suspicious location. also EIS from across india were trying to find out the next portals and figuring out possible cross links. the anchored portals in the middle of the OP. While looking at the intel, we found that resistance agents from Maldives had linked to Mumbai and Sri Lankan players were ready to create more fields, but for the umpteen crosslinks we had established.
Hyderabad Activity:
We sent COMM message to the agents in Hyderabad. There was no response as the agents were away from their home. All of a sudden, we got a message from an agent @ataullah that, “the portal goes down in 2 min”. 

The agent took out the portal exactly at 4:57 pm. At 4:56pm, Resistance MU was around 1.92 Billion.  Agent @ataullah found that the anchor portal had placed inside a college where its too difficult to travel inside without known persons. Our agent got lucky enough yesterday so he just moved inside the college and took out the portal in no time. Once this portal was taken down they lost 700 million MU units and Mu count was brought down to 1.22 Billion. After this we were trying to reach other agents to take down the rest of the fields.

Mumbai Agents Activity:
Mumbai agents were informed about the fields created in Mumbai.@TheWanderingGod rushed immediately and took down pivot portals in Khargar, which were reclaimed and fields came up again. Agent @Th3Shap3r from airoli linked powai, airoli was taken down by @chankyaneeti(res player) and @prophetin threw Cross links to Boisar which was taken down by agent @Jahapanah and within 5 mins smurfs destroyed the portal that @prophetin used for throwing link. 

Delhi Agents activity:
Agents @ARKode, @elssar after a day of farming met up with @S00rabh to take out the blue that they were covered in. They travelled almost 50 KM to take out all the anchored portals that had fields between Delhi, Pune, Mumbai and Punjab. Agent @shinigamii also assisted the Delhi team greatly by Jarvising the Anchor portal in Punjab.   

All the 20 layers of fields were taken out by 8:29 pm, just in time for the next checkpoint. There was only one more  link left from Delhi to Mumbai and the agents took a small break and went to the last portal and took out all the links by 9 pm. We faced no resistance agents in taking down the fields.

Now the Resistance MU count was down to 932 million MU units including the individual fields created in China, Indonesia and Philippines.  

India was back to normal within hours. When the Op had started, Enlightened in India were expecting an assault on the 5B mark. On one side we were cheering for competition, and on the other side we were working to derail their plans. 

Congratulations to all the active agents and others who helped directly or indirectly to achieve the quick clean up.

Enlightened agents took out the fields while the OP was in progress and disrupted their plans in achieving the target MU count. Enlightened India showed exceptional coordination and response time by starting to clean portals in just 30 mins of the first link and clearing out all the remote anchor portals before the completion of the next checkpoint...i.e 5 HOURS!

 *Enlightened India Rocks!!!*

+sakthi v   -@achirine 
+Selvan M  -@ahahohoh
+rajesh kumar - iTrigger
+Mukund Murali krishnan   -@theDriftKing
 +me -@KnightWarrior 
+Soorya Prakhash  -@KILow0g 

+Sachin Shenoy -@sheldor
+Ashik Murthy   -@atombomb
+Dhandeep Lodaya  -@Djasdak

+Ataullah Husami @ataullah

+Aravind Retnakumar  -@ARKode
+Nikhil Singh @TheWanderingGod 
+Virendra Giri   - @Th3Shap3r
+sameer batavia  -@prophetin

+Akshay Bist   @elssar
+Sourabh Roddey  -@S00rabh
+ishan verma  -@shinigamii
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Hrushikesh Ghatpande

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What are you doing at Talegaon?
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My entry for the #ingresswear  contest!
Dedicated to Ingress ENL agents in the city of Pune, India! Beautiful Enlightened representation which makes the "P" of Pune, while the building shown on top is "Shaniwar Wada", a palatial fort belonging to the Peshwas of Pune, which has a great historical background.
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Hrushikesh Ghatpande

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Cheaters on a roll, while +Ingress and +NIA Ops don't do anything but sit and watch, and +Brandon Badger is busy explaining how Resistance is awesome.
So is this how resistance is awesome?
This post is to report a spoofer "FastnFurious" who has been attacking all green farms and strategic green portals which are inaccessible for some parts of the day.

Humayun's Tomb in New Delhi is a World Heritage Site and a dense portal cluster. It is usually open from sunrise till sunset (see: and this alleged spoofer has attacked the portals bang in the middle of the cluster at various times like 6 AM, when the complex is closed. When confronted, he ignores all tags and carries on with his dirty work.  (,77.250416&z=21)

Another instance is when he attacked two portals near an agent's home, the portals being around 2 kms apart and the travel time taking 5 minutes due to a red light and a compulsory diversion in place. But this spoofer manages to travel between them within 2 minutes. 

Note: We have observed that whenever we attack a smurf portal of strategic importance, this spoofer randomly turns up and starts taking out our farms/strategic portals. (,77.096009&z=21 ///,77.102446&z=21)

Reported him multiple times via Ingress Help, to no avail. With the Anomaly coming up Saturday, I am forced to make this post with the hope that he wouldn't 'participate' that day.

Agent @GhostMoriarty signing out.
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Just love it totally when my cell is full with green blanket!
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#wildfir3 SitRep: Narayangaon, India and Pune, India
Mission: Capture radio telescopes, boost their effectiveness, collect raw data.
Target: GMRT Radio Telescopes at Narayangaon, India
*World's LARGEST Giant Meter Radio Telescopes*,73.971457&z=15
Date: 7 Feb 2014, 18:30 IST
Status: Successful

Quick Info:
4 Agents
2 Fields (one each over Narayangaon and Pune)
3.5 million + 5 million MU
Largest in the world -- array of Giant Metrewave Radio Telescopes operated by Tata Institute of Fundamental Research at Narayangaon, near Pune, India.

Agents Involved:
@TheHrushi +Hrushikesh Ghatpande (field agent)
@damnPrasu +Prasanna Deshpande (field agent)
@Aendir +Paritosh Bhide (field agent)
@BrightEagle +Azhar Mulani (comm agent)
When Agent @damnPrasu visited the city of Ahmednagar, Pune, he had already put two huge links to Vadodara, India and Mahabaleshwar, India. Actually it was a part of an OP to cover city of Pune in the previous week, and we had successfully done it from another anchor.
This time, we chose an anchor not very close to the city of Pune, but not too far either for both the agents to travel. However, a link originating from city of Pune was blocking the link which was going to make a control field. So we asked agent @Aendir to ADA the portal in question whenever we signal him to do so.
Agents @TheHrushi and @damnPrasu reached "Talegaon Railway Station" at Talegaon about an hour before the operation time, on a motorbike. After waiting patiently till the OP timing came near, as soon as it was 6:15PM, agent @Aendir was asked to ADA the portal as decided. He did so perfectly, and we had linkability confirmed.
At about 6:20, 2 links shot out from Talegaon Railway Station made by agent @TheHrushi: one to Dhadha Bhagwan Temple, Vadodara and one to Shivaji Fort, Mahabaleshwar. We had covered the city of Pune, India and most importantly, Narayangaon, India where the GMRT telescopes exist. We effectively also covered city of Nashik, India which is near Narayangaon. On our way back, we were happy that we initiated the very first #wildfir3 2014 operation. #enlightened

  #Lighthouse   #wildfir3
+Ingress +Brandon Badger 

Global sitrep link:
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^ Which? CNG prices in Delhi? :O
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Have him in circles
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Pune, India
Studying UnderGraduate course in Industrial Engineering at Vishwakarma Institute of Technology, Pune. Been co-ordinator of The Robotics Forum (TRF-VIT).
Hobbies include Graphic Designing and Social Networking.
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Very Poor Service - Not receiving calls, giving fake reasons to support late delivery, and getting the shipment delivered many days later than it actually takes (they declare expected time of delivery on their website). Very pathetic service. I wonder why companies choose BlueDart. Its the worst courier ever.
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+1 to Hrushikesh Joshi's review. Hot chocolate is awesome to taste and the cup is huge. Muffins are smooth. Price is fair for the ambience and taste. Best place to hang out for hours drinking hot or cold costa the way you like!
Food: Very goodDecor: ExcellentService: Very good
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Excellent institute... 3/3 for sure!
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