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The best place for the helmet when riding a bike is on your head.
No point keeping it in your hand or rearview mirrors .. Stupid!!

Some random student commits suicide like 1000s of others and #pappu  jumps in to cash in on the "Dalit" card. What a cheapster.
How can you classify someone "Dalit" and say we are anti-castist in the same breath?
Mr.  #rahulgandhi , by branding someone Dalit aren't you being castist ???

If you have an even numbered car and it's an odd date, so you take a cab to office. What is the guarantee that the cab is less polluting than the car??

Are Buddhu, Odd even will solve congestion not pollution and with plethora of things being exempted.

I so wish to give a kick or 2 on Sanjay Bhansali's bum.

The "cinematic liberty" argument is stretching it a bit too far. The fact is he has 're-written' history.

Even for my limited knowledge of history the story of #BajiraoMastani is #facepalm

Not paying Money to watch this film...

#Chromecast is awesome......

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Tonight, two Raspberry Pis are going up on a rocket to the International Space Station.

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When will US citizens question their Presidential candidates about the growing threat of Pakistan, THE nursery of terrorism

Congress MP Sailaja is clearly lying. I don't trust her.

The Abdullas and Nehrus and Gandhis are all the same. Traitors.

Don't want a cricket series with Pak.
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