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Recently a customer asked me about specific locksmith services that high Quality Locksmith performs. I
though it would be a good idea to mention our services, and to touch upon our future plans regarding
locksmith services.

Our Current Status

High Quality Locksmith specializes in residential rekey jobs, commercial rekey jobs, emergency
services (residential, commercial, and automotive lockouts) and automotive locksmith work.
We sell safes, and perform some service work on Sentry safes. We normally do not do work on safes, or
on safe deposit boxes. High Quality Locksmith sets up and administers master key systems, and we also
service and install restricted key

Our Future Status

Eventually we will increase our on site inventory for safes, especially Hayman and Hollon. Along with
this inventory expansion, our services will also expand to include safe work, such as combination
changes and safe servicing.

Automotive Locksmith Expansion

The necessary equipment for automotive locksmith work is very expensive. Currently, High Quality
Locksmith can make and program keys for most foreign and domestic vehicles, although European
models are typically not included in this assessment. With the aquistion of specific programming
equipment we intend to start making keys for BMW and Mercedes.

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High Quality Locksmith perferms residential and commercial re-key work, lock installation, and makes and programs automotive keys. We have 2 bonds, top grade insurance, and are members of ALOA, NASTF, Tallahassee Board of Realtors and Chamber of Commerce. We're the REAL DEALl. Don't settle for less. #locksmithtallahassee #highqualitylocksmith
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Did a 2012 Mazda 6 today, and the ONLY machine that would program it was the MVP pro............ I've found that the Mazdas from 2012 up require more effort (e.g, a programming token) to program, even BEFORE the 20 digit PIN requirement went into place..... this raises the cost of a new key for these vehicles....... folks, don't lose your keys!
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Even on Christmas Day we are working hard......... made several car keys these last few days, and had several emergency service calls last night and today! Glad to help folks during the holidays!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! #locksmith, #locksmithtallahassee, #lockout, #carkeys
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<Often when a customer calls requesting a replacement key for his vehicle, I quote the price, mentioning that the price also includes programming the key, if necessary (the term, "programming the key", is not accurate; actually I am programming the vehicle's ECU to accept the frequency of the new key's chip). The customer stops me short, and says, "No, this key does not have a chip. It doesn't have any buttons or anything. This is just a regular key." I carefully explain all the facts and nuances concerning the key, and how it does indeed have a chip, etc. etc., and I often think, "I should write an article about this. Maybe talk about what the different terms mean. That sort of thing."
Well, here I am. I'll try to keep it brief, not too boring, and hopefully somewhat informative.
A key to a car can be a regular metal key, or it can be a transponder key. A transponder key is a key that has a tiny chip embedded in the plastic head of the key. You cannot see it. A transponder equipped vehicle requires not only a key to turn the igniition, but the vehicle must be programmed to accept the fre3quency of the chip that the key has; if it is not programmed, the vehicle will not start. The key will turn, and nothing will happen. Nada.
A remote control is a programmed frequency transmitter that transmits a signal which can be used to lock and unlock doors, open the trunk, etc. A transponder chip has nothing to do with the remote, and vice versa.
<p> A remote head key is a key that has the remote control in the head of the key. A transponder chip might also be embedded in the head of the key, but the two are still not related to each other. It is possible to have a remote head key for a car, but not have a transponder chip, as a particular vehicle may not require one. It is also possible to have a remote control by itself, sharing space on your keyring with your key.</p>
<p>A proximity remote is a remote control unit that also has a chip in it. When this unit is inside the vehicle, the engine ECU (aka "brain") senses the presence of the unit, and allows the vehicle to be started, usually by pushing a button. </p>
<p>Vehicle manufacturers have made things a bit <em>less </em>simple than the above narrative. Remote controls and transponders are two wholly seperate things, so programming one may (or may not) program the other; oftentimes the two devices require their own distinct programming. A remote control might work on the door locks, but if the transponder is not programmed, the engine is not going to start. </p>
<p>Some vehicles (Toyota comes to mind), have a blinking light (the security light) that will not turn off unless a proper OEM (original equipment manufacturer) remote head key is utilized to start the car; although a standard programmed transponder key will start the car, the dash light will continue to act as though it is disabled. Additionally, many vehciles are "transponder optional," meaning a certain vehicle may require a transponder key, while another, of the exact same type, model and year, may not.</p>
<p>Programming requirements can vary by vehicle, but oftentimes basic programmers can be utiized. Newer vehicles almost always require more sophisticated programming equipment, and programming can be expensive; it may even exceed the price of the key itself.</p>
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The tenis ball opening myth: Almost every week, a customer asks me about opening a car with a tennis ball. As I always say, this is completely bogus. Not a shred of truth to it. But some folks actually checked it out, and I thought I would post the video here:
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It's a rule for High Quality Locksmith, and it is (or should be) the rule for a ALL locksmiths doing a residential or vehicle lockout service: Take OWNERSHIP of the problem, and get the job done. Pick whatever lock, use whatever tool, do whatever must be done to accomplish the job. This means having all the tools that you might need, and, most importantly, the skill to use those tools.

Many times I am called out to pick a lock for a customer who has already called other locksmiths to the job, and that person(s) gave up, and left the scene. WHAT is THAT about? It is the locksmith's JOB to FIX the problem!

When you call High Quality Locksmith, you can count on the job being done, and that job being done right.
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If you completed a CPR course at the Red Cross, would that make you a doctor? Of course not. Yet many of Tallahassee's "locksmiths" can do nothing more than open a car (in fact, it is possible that the guy presently opening your car is opening the 2ND car he has EVER opened). Perhaps the term "lockout technician" is a better term for such individuals. People use the term "locksmith" irrespective of their qualifications, and as there is hardly any regulation in the industry, there is no one to stop such behavior.

So it is up to the consumer to check on her locksmith actually being what he says he is. How does one do this? Ask to see the locksmith's bond, and a copy of their liability insurance. A consumer has the RIGHT to see these documents. REAL locksmiths (like High Quality Locksmith) have all of this information readily available. Except for our insurance policy (which we are advised not to post, but we will gladly present the hard copy to you, in person), our credentials are posted at <a href="">here.</a>
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Today's cars are using more and more sophisticated keys. The two main key systems in use today are "proximity" systems and regular ignition systems. Regular ignition systems have either regular or high security keys.

Proximity systems are systems which allow the ignition to be activated when they are within proximity of the engine ECU reader. This is the "push to start"system, where a fob or other device is present, and one can start the vehicle by pushing a button on the dash.

Regular ignition systems use keys. These keys can be regular keys (cuts are on the outside edges of the keys), or high security keys, where they key is cut in the middle of the key blade itself. High security keys are distinctly different from regular keys, and although one type is certainly NOT better than the other, they are not compatible in any way....I'll be posting pictures of the key types very soon......
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High Quality is the ONLY locksmith in Tallahassee who is a Member of the Tallahassee Board of Realtors, and the ONLY locksmith who is a member of the Tallahassee Chamber of Commerce.
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