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You can't run away forever. But there's nothing wrong with getting a good head start.
You can't run away forever. But there's nothing wrong with getting a good head start.

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Hello, I'm me.  New to being a guide, got into it recently when I was out running some errands around town and decided hey, it's time for lunch.  Looked up a place on Google, the hours were listed as having been open for a couple hours.  Get to the business, learn the hours posted on Google were incorrect, so I made a vow to update that incorrect information.  I did, Google sent an email saying hey, want to be a guide?  I looked at the map info around me and discovered it's actually filled with tons of little inaccuracies that a local would know, but not someone searching the area so I decided it sounded like a good idea.

Is there a "Guide to being a Google Guide" somewhere?  I've noticed in the metro area, Walgreens Pharmacies (while commonly just called Walgreens, the name of the business is indeed Walgreens Pharmacy) are listed as convenience stores.  But a CVS Pharmacy right across the street (a common situation) is correctly labeled as a pharmacy.  I've tried correcting the info on Walgreens, but someone keeps switching it back.  It's almost bordering on vandalism if you ask me.  Why is one pharmacy a pharmacy and the other pharmacy is a convenience store?  Is there not standardization?  What can be done to stop this vandalism?

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The Geek is strong with this one.

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Happy saturday!

Do you have friends who haven't discovered Doctor Who: Legacy?

Are you new to the game yourself?

Here's an amazing code to unlock some highlights of Season 8 (remember, a new player would need to get their characters up to level 20 to try to unlock in the game on the Easy mode of the levels).


Code is good for two weeks!

Share this around for us -- let's get more people into Doctor Who: Legacy!!!!

- Susan

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Sounds legit to me.

My reaction to the BASH vulnerability:

I've been telling you to use KSH for decades, ya BASH hippies.

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My interpretation of smart phone consumers. 

+Dan Wright Dude, you and Diegel have the same birthday?  No wai!  I'm sure I knew that and forgot...I forgot what I had for breakfast this morning.

So how are things back at the salt mine?  By which I mean the place where they whip you, then rub salt into the wounds.

Mystery slush flavor my ass.  I got peach, a flavor that already exists.  Either they just give you a random flavor from the ones they already have, or my local +Sonic Drive-In screwed up.  Either way, very disappointing.

Today is national #dontbeadick day.  Have a good one, +Wil Wheaton !
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