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It's less than a thousand words of text. You'd think I could just bang that out in an afternoon. The problem, of course, is that the unwritten ones want to be made out of distilled wit, filtered through the heady charcoal of a full generation of mayhem.

Crafting that out of words is not a "bang it out in an afternoon" sort of job.
I'd love to be able to buy the calendar jpeg's as PC desktop backgrounds without buying the physical calendar (i.e. the jpeg's mentioned in the blog). Still using the backgrounds that came on the first Writing Excuses CD.
p.s. If these are on any of the other Writing Excuses CD's/DVD would love to know as it'd give me the push to get them.
From a Marine coworker: "Nothing is as dangerous as a Lieutenant with a map."
+Howard Tayler That distillation process could support a whole short story per maxim. How many maxims? Enough to make for a full story collection.
I just want "any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from a gun" etched in slate or something.