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"Patch" is nine. He's reading "The Complete Calvin & Hobbes" at bedtime. The volume will get pushed to the foot of the bed (still in the bed) when the lights go out. Yeah, yeah, it's part of a $100 boxed set, precious, and all that. Whatever. That's what books like this are for.
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That reminds me of when I was a kid visiting older relatives who had really nice couches, but sat on plastic covers.

You shouldn't be so afraid of ruining things that you can't enjoy them anyway.
I used to treat books like holy objects. Now I think a well-loved book should look like it has been read a lot and is indeed well-loved.
+Heiko Niemeier You would like my first copy of LotR, then. Creases in the spines, pages falling out...I finally had to buy a nice new boxed set :-) But I kept the old books!
My nine-year-old does the same thing. But honestly these hardbacks are way sturdier than the paperback collections. d^_^b
That picture takes me back to reading before bed on my top bunk. Glad to see another generation of bibliophiles is coming along well.
That, sir, is an indication of great parenting.

The only thing that saddens me (and I'm not sure how much say Bill Watterson had in it) is that they redacted the original text of the strip where Calvin asks his mother if he's was adopted, or there were plans to send him to the cannery or eat him. In the 10th anniversary collection he explains that he thought the juxtaposition would make it silly, but apparently people still complained.

I wish they would have left it in. I think that if adoption is part of your life and you can't be amused by that strip then you probably either need to read the New York Times instead, or you really do need a strip that challenges your sense of apropos.
Eh, they're pretty rugged, I'm sure it'll be fine. It's MUCH more important for kids to be reading Calvin and Hobbes than preserving a book. Good lookin'!
That hardcover set is pretty sturdy. (and heavy)
Books are meant to be read.
But I'd be afraid of injuring myself if I left it in the bed, so they go on the floor, to injure me when I get up. :)