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Great read by Rebecca Haithcoat for +Broadly on sexual harrassment in the indie music scene of Los Angeles.
This is worth your time...

#LAmusic   #sexualharassment   #indiemusic   #indie  
From predatory industry executives, to sexist and demeaning press coverage of female musicians, to sexually aggressive fans, the indie music scene has a huge sexual harassment problem.
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okay, maybe multihyphenate works best


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Howard Seth Cohen

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come down to +BootlegTheatre and join in the #literary   #bloodsport that is WRITE CLUB.
All door money/ donations go to non profits. The audience votes by cheer for the winners, and everybody has a great time.
10/12/15 2220 Beverly Boulevard LA CA 90057
7pm • Food • Drink • Fun
#dtla   #LAthtr   #cd13   #heaven   #hell   #earth   #outerspace   #space   #charity   #nonprofit   #birth   #death   #losangeles   #foodtruck   #bar   #writeclub  
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Honest Headshot
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Killer shot of non-killer #bee  from +John Kimbler.
It's almost #RoshHashana , y'all!
"Sleeping Wool Carder Bee"

I found this Carder Bee (which seems to be a wasp or hornet mimic) snoozing in my Lavender.

Tech Specs: Canon 70D (F11, 1/250, ISO 100) + a Canon MP-E 65mm macro lens (around 2x) + a diffused MT-24EX. This is a single, uncropped, frame taken hand held.

Technique: Early morning "studio" shot (my patio table). I used an artificial flower to keep the backgroud from being black. #macro #macrophotography #macroaddict #macro4all #macromonday #insectphotography #bee #canon #canonphotography #canonphotographers #canonusers  
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This is chef and culinary historian Michael W. Twitty @koshersoul on tw.
He's writing a really great book #TheCookingGene23 (+HarperCollins Publishers 2016) about food, history, politics, genealogy, genetics, and the Old South. He's tracing his ancestors' "journey from Africa to America and from slavery to freedom."
Check out this story he shared on +Twitter today about the reaction he got to his idea at a food event full of food writers, editors, and agents...

Wanna hear a really interesting but annoying story?
When I first started pumping the idea for The Cooking Gene I told people it's the history of African American food from the lens of my family.
I said, "Now you'll get a chance to see how the food traveled with my people from Africa to America & from slavery to freedom."
People at a gathering of very prominent food writers, editors and agents were dumbfounded and annoyed with my idea.
And I'm like yes, this history is personal and genealogical, genetic and cultural, and I am the voice of this story. The voice of my Ancestors.
Well honey...
"I don't think that's very interesting at all." One woman flat out told me. "You should write about my husband's family."
She continued..."See my husband's grandfather went to Texas from Tennessee. 1st wagon held the family, the next two their belongings... and the next wagon…
and you know what she's about to say…
She sho nuff said it.
"The fourth wagon had your people in it. Now THAT and how their Mammy cooked for them is an interesting story."
So here I am with this look on my face of complete bewilderment. She isn't keen on me telling my own history but…
One of the best editors in the food writing business said, "We are tired of the same old stories, we're hungry for a new family story."
I was excited to talk to her. I get up there and she half ignores me and talks to a friend during my two minutes and says, "I mean honestly would anybody be interested in your family history?" She looked exasperated, handed me a card and whisked me along.
I had just told her about how my great great grandfather got his freedom at Appomattox and the feast they had and she was nonplussed.
Never let people get you down about your vision.
I was one of maybe 20 people of color present. Most of the people I spoke to were totally like "Slavery and food and family history… nope."
I was mad but undeterred. I heard more no's than even "ok's". Nobody wanted to hear about a Black man reclaiming his food roots from the slave ship until today. But I didn't care. I had a job to do.
I was surrounded by the very people I needed to impress and yet I was failing miserably. My culinary version of ‪Roots‬ held no appeal.
And I was like, "And I'm not just talking about history, I'm talking about food activists and chefs today..."
Response: "There aren't that many Black food activists you could really get an interesting story from. This really isn't a thing. Sorry."
Don't listen to people like that. Love your truth.Keep telling it until the gates of heaven open themselves to you. Myopia is a bad thing.
Re: Ms. Wagon: She didn't believe that without the bandana Black people had a food voice. That was more disturbing than "your people."
Ignorance is gross but complacency is worse.
People didn't want me to write about being Jewish and how that affected my journey..."America's not ready for you."
And I'm like "Heifer, I AM AMERICA."
The American dream isn't a damn club. It's a RECIPE.
This book has never just been about Black people. The Southern people are my people, and they are my family. The table is where we reconcile.
Southern people like in Langston Hughes' poem, Daybreak in Alabama.
But after all the nonsense...guess what? I have a great agent ‪@kalyarn‬(on Twitter) and I've got a great seasoned editor at HarperCollins and I'm HERE.
If you have the love, the rest WILL Mom drilled that into me. Her prayers were stronger that their no's.
I am going to tell an AMERICAN story that started with AFRICAN people and happened in the SOUTHERN states and has touched all HUMAN beings.
Thank you for listening and following. Never let people steal that joy. Your voice is as strong as your willingness to keep it.

Like that? Now head on over to Afroculinaria and help out with a small donation for the last research trip for the book! Paypal button on the right column...

#food   #roots   #genealogy   #culinary   #books   #southern   #oldsouth   #slavery   #africa   #heritage   #race   #blacklivesmatter  
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Thank you for sharing! I have always enjoyed Michael Twitty's work and am looking forward to it!
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With the recent immigration "crisis" becoming a media darling in relation to America's 2016 General Election, I am disgusted with the fear mongering being waged by politicians to engender xenophobia and garner votes.
The +Jewish Journal of Los Angeles has printed my Op-ed online. Please read and share.

#Syria #refugee #politics #xenophobia #islamophobia #antisemitism #tikkunolam #constitution #america #hate #love #4pluralism #breakNEWground

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Howard Seth Cohen

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Good News!
#72Virgins  has been honored by +LA Weekly in their BEST OF issue!

#4Pluralism   #BreakNewGround    #mocktails   #EastSideJews   #mipster   #islamophobia   #xenophobia  
72 Virgins is a series of four-week workshops that teach the art of making nonalcoholic cocktails as pretty as they are delicious. Founded by Howard Set...
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Stunning screenshot of +Kirk Wilson's star turn in +H&M's #closetheloop  campaign video!
um... #transparent  casting, do you see what I see?
Kirk Wilson's profile photoHoward Seth Cohen's profile photo
Your gaze into the camera is pretty phenomenal...
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Lovely #insect  shot courtesy of +Samantha Han
Six legs? Three parts? It's an insect, an INSECT! 
Nasute Termite Soldiers (Termitidae)?

I found them on rotten wood (fallen tree) in Hutan Bandar, Malaysia.

If these are Nasute Termite Soldiers, then...

"The pantropical subfamily Nasutitermitinae have a different caste of soldiers with the ability to exude noxious liquids through a horn-like nozzle frontal projection (nasus), known as nasutes.

Nasutes eject a glue-like secretion as a form of defence, and they have lost their mandibles throughout the course of evolution; instead they have the ability to biosynthesize. Nitrogen fixation plays an important role in nutrition for nasutes.

Termites can be found globally with the exception of Antarctica. Termites are also considered to be a major source (11%) of atmospheric methane, one of the prime greenhouse gases.

Termites are a group of eusocial insects that were classified at the taxonomic rank of order Isoptera, but are now classified either as the infraorder Isoptera, or as epifamiliy Termitoidae within the cockroach order Blattodea. While termites are commonly known, especially in Australia, as "white ants," they are not closely related to the ants." - Wikipedia

#termites   #nature   #macro   #insects   #insectphotography   #macrophotography   #macroaddict   #macromonday   #hqspmacro   #btpmacropro  
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LOVE THIS!!! from +The New York Times.
From left, the fortunetellers Celia Mitchell, Sylvia Mitchell, and Betty Vlado. Credit New York State Department of Corrections

The Secret to the Psychic Trade? It’s in the Parole Board Transcripts
AUG. 28, 2015

Crime Scene

Is it real? Or a bunch of baloney? It’s a question New Yorkers and visitors to the city may ask themselves when they pass any of the seemingly countless storefront fortunetellers.

Celia Mitchell, 38, was pointedly asked that exact question last year: “What is the psychic business? Is it real, or a bunch of baloney?”

She answered, “It’s a scam, sir.”

“The whole thing is a scam?”


Ms. Mitchell would know. She herself was a psychic. But after making a living portraying herself as a vessel of supernatural powers, she was coming clean.

She worked out of shops on Ninth Avenue in the Hell’s Kitchen section of Manhattan. In 2009, Ms. Mitchell told a client that a dark spirit was keeping happiness at bay. She asked the client for an $11,450 Rolex watch and a lot of candles and cash to clean the spirits. In all, the client paid $159,205, according to a criminal complaint.

Continue reading the main story

Sylvia MitchellPsychic Found Guilty of Stealing $138,000 From ClientsOCT. 11, 2013
The Times Square shop from which, the police say, Priscilla Kelly Delmaro bilked a lovelorn Brooklyn man out of $713,975.Crime Scene: A Manhattan Fortuneteller Cost Him Fortune After FortuneJUNE 5, 2015
Ms. Mitchell was arrested and convicted of grand larceny and sent to prison, which is where, on March 4, 2014, she came to be questioned about her work. In the process, she joined a very specific group: convicted psychics who, seeking an early release from prison, sit for interviews before the parole board.

That number may soon grow. One psychic, Sylvia Mitchell, 41, who worked in Greenwich Village, is serving a prison term of five to 15 years after a grand larceny conviction in 2013. She will be eligible for a parole hearing in 2017. And this summer, a Times Square psychic, Priscilla Kelly Delmaro, 26, was charged with taking $713,975 from a marketing professional from Brooklyn after promising to reunite him with a woman he loved, even after the man discovered that the woman had died. Ms. Delmaro is in jail awaiting trial.

Reviews of transcripts from several parole hearings in recent years shine a light behind the hanging beads of the psychic parlor. The inmates’ reflections on their careers may give pause to the passer-by willing to fork over $20 or $50 or more for a promised peek at the future.

“I regret it. I’m sorry,” said another fortuneteller, also named Sylvia Mitchell, then 40, in a 2006 parole hearing. “I regret it and I have no explanation for it; that is just corruption. I look back at it and I can’t believe that I did all these things.”

Sylvia Mitchell is no apparent relation to the woman of the same name who worked in Greenwich Village. She was convicted of manslaughter after the death of her 85-year-old husband of three months in Manhattan in 1993. She had met him only months before, and admitted to killing him with an overdose of barbiturates to get his money.

“My culture did not allow me to go to school,” she told parole commissioners. “I never had education. I was to do this fortunetelling business, to make money.”

Another psychic convicted of grand larceny, Betty Vlado, 46, called herself a “gypsy” and said she started out reading tarot cards.

“Was it useless?” a commissioner asked at her 2014 hearing.

“Yes, pretty much.”

Ms. Vlado was asked: “Are you pretty much just telling a story, basically lying? Just making stuff up?”


Three friends entered her shop on the Upper East Side of Manhattan in 2011. Ms. Vlado recalled one in particular. “She was telling me her problems, and I pretty much took advantage of that,” she said.

“Do you consider yourself a good liar?”


She may be selling herself short. She convinced one woman to pay her $14,500 for a rock she said came from a meteorite that she had obtained from a “NASA insider,” according to press accounts of the criminal complaint, which has since been sealed. In all, Ms. Vlado admitted to taking $55,000 from multiple victims and promised to pay it back. When she missed her deadline, she went to prison.

“Have you lied to us here today?” a commissioner asked at her hearing.


She was denied parole, but faced a second hearing a short time later, in January in Albion Correctional Facility near Rochester.

“Has anyone at Albion asked you for a little fortunetelling?” a commissioner asked.

“No.” She said no one inside knew why she was there.

“You don’t forecast the future?”


The transcripts suggest the commissioners were not above having some fun at the expense of the inmates, who were hoping to be given what is known as an open date for early release.

“Are you going to be given an open date or not?” Joseph P. Crangle, a commisioner, asked Ms. Vlado. “You’re a fortuneteller. Tell me what I am thinking.”

“I am hoping you’re thinking to give me a chance to go home,” she replied.

“That’s not what he asked you,” another commissioner interjected.

Commissioner Crangle asked again, “What am I thinking?”

“I am not going to read your mind.”

Ms. Vlado described how she read tarot cards: “By energy, by the pictures, the way they fold, the way they’re turned. If they fall face down, it means one thing. If it falls facing me, it means another thing.” If she were released, she said, her fortunetelling days would be behind her.

“I will never look at a tarot card or a palm ever again,” Ms. Vlado said. She was granted parole and released on Feb. 26.

Celia Mitchell from Ninth Avenue, who once asked a client for money for a “meditation tent,” described her work.

“Sometimes you don’t see anybody,” she said. “Sometimes you see four, five people a day. It depends. It’s a flow. It could be nobody. It could be some days you don’t make anything, and some days you can make three, four hundred dollars a day.”

A commissioner asked Ms. Mitchell how she predicted futures.

“It was just going by what they would give you,” she said. “It’s all a scam. It’s by their demeanor. I want to write a book about how gypsies scam people out of their money.”

“You don’t think there’s any legitimate psychics out there?” she was asked.

“If they are taking your money, they are not for real.”

Ms. Mitchell said she had no intention of returning to fortunetelling. A parole commissioner reminded her that they had heard that before. Ms. Mitchell was convicted of grand larceny in 2007 under similar circumstances, and the board granted her parole several months later.

“We didn’t predict your future correctly last time, did we?” a commissioner asked.

Ms. Mitchell replied, “I guess not.”


Crime Scene
A weekly column that explores the rich landscape of crime in the city and the characters on both sides of the law.

#fortunetelling   #scam   #truecrime  
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believe it or not, Denise, I KNEW you would...

now where's my $2?
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