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Howard Huang

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7 Things I Learned After Watching 120+ Episodes of Shark Tank
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Dude. Answering directly if vital and I think most abused. Great list.
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Howard Huang

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10 Free Tools to Double Website Traffic

My first post for 2015. Quick and easy tools to prepare your website for the new year!
Some of the most powerful free tools to increase your website traffic, build an email list, and improve your social media efforts.
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Hi , I am facing a problem with my micro SD card . It doesn't allow me to add or delete files on it .Please help me out........
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Howard Huang

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Google has rolled out a new iPhone app called Primer, aimed at teaching startups the fundamentals of marketing - with a Google spin, of course. The new app,..
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Howard Huang

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I'm selling these limited edition dashingly fashionable beach wear!

Don't miss out on this awesome shirt!
Beach party! This is Howard's Limited Edition Beach Party! T-shirt. It is the remastered reprint of the original Beach Party! T-shirt. It is back by popular demand!These T-shirts are truly limited edition. The originals were printed over 10 years ago! This shirt will turn heads and attract a crowd. Hey! Do you want to look cool? Welp, you better get this shirt if you want to be cool. Unless, of course, you want to be square...well then....don't...
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Howard Huang

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Switching from iPhone to Android Ascend Mate2 doesn't have to be confusing. 

Just finished this post up this morning. Tips on how to make the transition a little easier.
Switching from an iPhone to Android Ascend Mate2? Getting started tips by +Howard Huang   #Huawei #AscendMate2 #HAM2 #Largescreen
Did you recently switch from iPhone to Huawei Ascend Mate2? Here is a quick guide to help you get started with your phone and familiar with the Android OS.
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+Jonathan Jeter $299.99 unlocked no contract + free 1 month talk/text/data on ;)
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Howard Huang

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101 Things You Can Do With Your Huawei Ascend Mate2

New post that I contributed on +Huawei Device USA Blog. I mentioned a lot of my favorite apps that I use on a daily basis. I'm always on the lookout for more productivity apps. Mention some of your favorites in the comments. -
There is unlimited things you can do with the Huawei Ascend Mate2. Here are some of my favorite features and apps that I use on a daily basis.
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Will Huawei fix the problem of no volume on alarm when set by voice command on Ascend Mate 2? Thanks!
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Howard Huang

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5 ecommerce conversion optimization tips you can do today to increase conversion rate.

#ecommerce   #marketing   #conversion   #cro   #optimization  
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Howard Huang

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3 Products Trending Right Now

I've never heard of Charcoal Health Products...but apparently it's hot! via +Tucker Schreiber 
A blog about ecommerce marketing, running an online business and updates to Shopify's ecommerce community.
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So looking at that chart (not charcoal), but interesting.. Baby Boomers are now less than Millenials as far as #s.. And they sure drop off at 68 years old.
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Howard Huang

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Excited to bring to market a new charging dock designed for the Apple Watch. Visit the site at

#apple   #applewatch    #smartwatch   #appleaccessories   #appledock   #chargingstations  
Introducing HEDocks designed for the Apple Watch. Minimalistic, industrial smartwatch stands to charge and display your Apple Watch.
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I like to say this and my mammal said that ur pretty
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Howard Huang

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Awesome car meet in Plano today. The slammed Cadillac was crazy!
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Howard Huang

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Technical Question

For all of my developer friends....

What would be an instance where I would not be able to view the page source of a webpage?

I can view the page source using Firefox but I couldn't view the page source using Chrome. It is only this one certain page, all other pages I can view page source using Chrome.
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I'd check the network tab (and reload) and see if it is returning an error page. Is this a public web page or an internal page?
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Howard Huang is the CEO & Founder of an online Indie Music Community for Fans and Artists; MadeLoud. helps new up and coming artists effectively promote songs to thousands of fans that are searching for new music.  Artists are able to schedule and target their songs to specific music genres.

Music fans are able to find and download free music legally.  Fans can browse and search bands that they like by connecting with Facebook.  Thousands of songs are streamed and downloaded for free daily.


I'm interested in anything that's related to social media, business, and technology.  In my spare time I try and share insightful tips on my blog called What's Huang.

I'm also big supporter of Google+ and will most likely share anything that is related in that area.  I'm casually learning the basics to good photography and enjoy sharing them as I get better.
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