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Dat Mona Lisa lulz

Is it possible to push (such as a webpage) to an offline device? Seems like currently the offline devices won't receive any push from other devices :/

I would love to have this feature since sometimes I wanna push something to my home computer while I'm outside. But I don't always keep my computer on.

Maybe implement a push queue in Google Drive to save pushes for offline devices?

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Pokemon GO is finally available in Taiwan

Pokemon GO
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I read the FAQ and totally understand why "Select All" is not implemented in the Notification setting.

However, it's quite annoying to scroll down hundreds of apps to re-select all the apps you want to send notification every time I re-install Join or new ROM.

Is there currently any work around to... kind of export the checked list or sync the list to the cloud (Google Drive maybe?) or maybe sort the app list by name/recent-installed or somewhat?

Join is quite great so far, this is the only major issue for me when I'm using this app.

Thanks for all the hard works :)

I bought a ZenWatch 2 WI501Q recently and installed WatchMaker to make my own watch face.

I notice that WatchMaker freeze my watch and cause Android Wear not responding several times. And everything get normal if I change back to stock faces.

Seems like this is a bug from WatchMaker causing the watch freeze. Is there any work around now? or I should change back to stock faces and wait for WatchMaker update?

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The pre-approved Custom URL for my G+ profile missing the one I want.

I'd like my url looks like "" which " Howar31 " is my commonly used ID on the Internet for over a decade.  And "Howar31" is currently not taken, not violate the Google+ User Content and Conduct Policy and the Google+ custom URLs terms of use as well.

How could I get that Custom URL? or would you help me to get that one?  

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