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Prison break: TODDLER EDITION.
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They've never been able to build a cell that can hold me!
And this is why we made sure the bar was facing OUTSIDE the room!  :)
He is a thinking little genius... His problems solving skills will take him a long way in life.
they are so smart and cute when they do things.
This lil chap has a future is security consulting.
Can't wait for my two littles to do things like that. So funny
Good job kid! Way to use your gezd
Babys are very smart 
how cute, dangerous tho too!   Passion
Imagine if that kid was seriously injured, he could landed on his neck or head. Great parenting 
Kids are just AMAZING..they don't have quit in them..
This is awesome, smart kid.
Kids be like "no problem I got this" B)
Jacob S
I took down the baby gate with a screw driver when i was 3...
So not looking forward to my daughter figuring this out
Other than almost cracking his scull...that was very cute. 
Omigosh that is so adorable but at the same time very dangerous!!!!!!!
Remember that children's bones are more flexible than an adults. But it sure shows an uncanny level of ingenuity for a toddler.
Lance L
Looks safe. That's some good parenting. 
Aww its so funny cute baby and smart baby
talk about a white collar criminal
"Sssshhhhh, i need to get over the wall, there r cookies in the kitchen" says the baby >:)
what a clever kid .. He's probably going to be a genius when he's older ;)
Hey no need to say that word CRISTINA ISSTOEK
Baby on the loose. That is one talented baby. Hahahah
To learn this lesson..probably without the pillow the first time. lol. 
Look closer, his head hit the pillow and then slid back off it. The toddler doesnt begin to cry. So assume not hurt vs the worst. 

Guessing those who dont have kids are the ones saying "bad parenting"   Dad taped this because the toddler did it when he wasnt looking. My son is the same. Climbed in and out of his playpen and crib. How did I know he could do that....the first thump in the other room. 
What the baby is just having fun like TURN UP not down
Is this a sneak peak of the live-action Rugrats trailer?
That is an awesome way to get over that fence and totally safe
Watch out for that kid he's gonna be smarter than most of us
Where did he learn, hahaha…
Gi Sa
Whoever installed the gate didn't realize that the push latch is supposed to be on the outside.
This kid is going places! Let's just hope it's all the right ones with his problem solving skills! Lol
 Recently Born Supremacy! :-)
hahaha lol I cant stop laughing!!!!!!!!! :-D
He was so on point with where he lands

Man. I hope that kid's criminal career goes well. 
This would be a fun thing to teach your toddler. But it would be hard to actually teach a toddler that.
Lol, this reminds me of the Rugrats 
this is awesome.. as a parent I May need to beef up security for my son
what the baby
Baby Escape Plan
That's awesome!... This kid is so smart... 
Man!  talk about breaking out in style...
This is old.. but still funny to watch
That's crazy. .. god, That's gonna be my son in a couple months
this baby is prepared for prison already :D
How is that funny?!! He could of busted his head open ,and you just recorded it like douch.
You go boy little boys will find a way want they.
Smart little guy, run buddy, escape your bonds.
Boot Camp 2014! Is your 1 year old ready? LOL
I have a friend who gutted a goldfish when he was two. His mother found him with guts in one hand fish in the other. Just saying what he told me.
Looks pretty dangerous to me. Lucky he didn't break his neck!
this kid is going places, possibly prison, but not for very long.
This shows just how intelligent children are. If we would continue to hone in on their learning capabilities and how much they absorb and observe, the world would be a better place and education will be at the forefront. 
This did not hurt, It was a perfect half handspring onto a crash pad (pillow)
so true & well said +Quincy Rhodes  ! 
kiddo is quick, i just cant help but feel uneasy just watching him dive over the rail ...we all see head vs. floor here but its tough to draw that line between overprotecting & letting them learn....safely ;)
OMG!!! he could have snapped his neck, but it was smart it's a sign that he will excel in something that will get him a successful future.
You can tell he has done this before. Talk about planning ahead, maybe next time he'll hire a look out. Lol
Hmmmm......glad that wasn't stairs!solo cute!:-) 
Great form, arms fully extended. Olympian in the making
Kid is a bad ass …...god bless
i want to see the raised bruise on the back of that child's head from the first escape. The Before Pillow.
Oh dear little one, very risky business, lucky not break your neck mm
Omg could stare at this my whole life it's so funny!!! LIKE
he knew that was coming...he saw it happening... salute for the intelligence.....
sheesh he is brilliant
Time to invest in floor to ceiling fencing.
T Sing
This is too funny & cute! :)
C diago
nice so nice this is priceless
He has a good grasp of how gravity works. Must've taken a fall or two already, hence the clever use of pillow to break fall.
Ozzy G
Now that is initiative, he is going to be Infantry one day 
wow naughty and intelligent baby.
Kids are just "ABSOLUTELY" Amazing with the thing's they come up with! 2-CUTE! SÖ BRIGHT.... BLESS HIM!
ball and chains, that's all i have to say, ball and chains.
If he had broke his neck or hands then his parents are the foolish people on the face of earth to allow their kid to do such stunts... never allow this...
no one said breaking prison is a safe thing to do.. :) but yeah.. this is a risk not worth taking.. 
About to break his neck.  It'a a shame :(
hehe he alsmos broke his neck. but clever kid though. hope he doesn't grow up to be a menace
Love the way the kid landed. Try to teach him to roll over the thing sideways though or he's gonna break his neck eventually.
I'm gonna say he's done that before, just without the pillow... 
my aunts puppy did that once! she (the puppy) knocked down the guard with her own paws!
You're going to need a taller fence.
bravo kid, you can think outside the box with a pillow. Now where did the pillows come from?
every day, they grow more intelligent......
hahhahahhahahahahhahahahahahhahahahahhahahahahhahahahahhahahahahhahahahahhahahahahhahahahahahhahahahahahhahahaha very funny hahahahhahahahahaha very funny.
D Mack
Self motivation and independence in it's purest form...
You can't stop can only hope to contain him
Good thing he didn't snap his neck. This is careless.
i wonder how long it took this baby to learn that if i use  this pillow it would b a soft drop im not saying thats the way he was thinking cause i dont no whats in a baby mind at some time u have 2 say to your self if u r the mom or dad of this kid hum hes smart:) 
Cause his neck didn't just break
Toddler: "Daddy is this how you breakout of real jail?" Dad: "well its well..."
smart kid
The funny thing is hes gettin filmed
now that is what i call a toddler who has style
Wow, kid almost broke his neck.
Lol he is a smart boy 
Wow! That kid is a pro :-D
Many thanks. 
This child shoul be santence to life in imprisonment from now. I mean it 
Who put the gate up backwards to give him the foothold???
OMG!!!! LMFAO!!! your child is a genius!!! Also... you have raised an acrobat!!! Have you ever taught him gymnastics? Lol
This something my daughter can also do!!! lol 
I did that when I was five...
Keep a eye on that one. He could of broke his neck.
Did the pillow catch him?
Mark V
What a good boy 
hularies video it is so funny that he can climb that and flip
Prison Break: Toddler Edition 
Jeff B
The great escape....haha:)
lol i hope he didn't break anything
It's fake! Notice how his right foot goes through the chain link pattern of the fence.
So.... The parent/caregiver just stood by and took the time to film this? Then post it? I don't even want to know what other idiotic life decisions this guy has made.
+Pedro Garces Well nice try, but you miss one very important point. The fence is of 2 panels, so that it is adjustable to different widths. The right foot steps on the side of the bar where the fence has single panel, while the left is on the side with 2 panels. So at one moment the right foot appears across the second panel but is still behind the first.
A lot of thought went into this. So cute.
Complete awesomeness I wonder who where, how he learned to do that!!??
Smart kid, early in age to know that
the brain needs protection!
Clever toddler.......! Very athletic too! Lol! Very funny! Thanks for sharing! 
OH MY GOODNESS!!!!! You are kidding me! Lord help me when I have kids!!! :0 lol
Sooooo cute baby.MASHA ALLAH.
thats me if i was a child right now
lol xD
Lol..... I love this kid Awome....very Wise....
Jail break! Come on pillow, were making a run for it. I'll trow you over and you catch me .got it? Lmao.
Note to parents: install bear traps..that'll take care of this escape artist 
jail break jail break
That baby should be on Americas got talent
Haaa!!!!smart little boy!!!!he`s probably saying.....YOUR NOT HOLDING ME BACK...LMAO...
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