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Below you will find a list of resources to help you Find NYC Housing to BUY or RENT.

These FREE resources allow you to:

  • SEARCH housing you qualify for 
  • REQUEST applications directly
  • SUBMIT applications directly
  • FOLLOW-UP on applications submitted. 

If you don't have the time or patience to navigate the system, you may hire a Housing Specialist

Housing Specialists
 not only assist in the four areas above, they also act as your eyes-and-ears for new housing developments, as well for any new re-rental lists which may open up. Housing Specialist will even contact management companies on your behalf, long after initial application period is over. 

To request a Housing Specialist text the word Help to: 
(718) HOUSING that's (718) 468-7464 or click here

Para asistencia textee la palabra ESPAÑOL al:
(718) HOUSING™ es decir al: (718) 468-7464


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Affordable Housing to BUY or RENT in NYC

Para asistencia textee la palabra ESPAÑOL al:
(718) HOUSING™ es decir al: (718) 468-7464

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Housing NYC

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Why RENT when you can BUY
If you wish to buy a home but are having difficulty saving for the down payment, we can help.  

HomeFirst Down Payment Assistance Program offers first time homeowner up to $15,000 (forgivable dollars) to be used toward the down payment or closing costs for the purchase of a 1-4 family home, condominium, or co-op apartment in any of the five boroughs of the City of New York.

Program Eligibility
In order to qualify you MUST:

be a first-time homebuyer
take a homebuyer education course
have  some cash for down payment or closing costs
meet  program income eligibility requirements
buy  a 1-4 family home, condo, or coop for owner-occupancy 
pass  a free Housing Quality Standards (HQS) inspection 
live  in the property you buy for at least 10 years.

Income Limits

Family Size + Household Income based on area median income (AMI) calculations established by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Developmnet (HUD) effective as of June 1, 2015.
Size = Income
1 = $48,350
2 = $55,250
3 = $62,150
4 = $69,050
5 = $74,600
6 = $80,100
7 = $85,650
8 = $91,150
*Income limits will be adjusted for family size.

Here is the simple ↓↓


Text the word BUY to: 
(718) HOUSING™ that's (718) 468-7464

We will set you up for the Homebuyer Education Class (required). This free class will verify you are eligible for the forgivable loan of up to $15,000 towards the purchase of your property.


We then help you present your certificate of eligibility to participating lenders for pre-approval on a mortgage loan.


After receiving pre-approval, we set you up with a reputable real estate broker to identify an affordable home.


We guide you with hiring an experienced real estate lawyer.

and, finally...


We ensure your broker assists you with negotiating a fair contract of sale with the seller.

(718) HOUSING™ assists you with:

– Completing the Homefirst Application
– Verifying eligibility of Homefirst applicants
– Obtaining HomeFirst Certificate of Eligibility
– Getting Bank Pre-Approval
– Verifying income of mortgage applicants
– Reviewing pre-approval and verifying lender
– Receiving commitment letter from lender
– Verifying property eligibility 
– Executing Sales Contract
– Reviewing signed contract
– Reserving funds for closing
– Receiving and coordinating closing date
– Releasing funds for closing.

To get started text the word BUY to: 
(718) HOUSING™ that's (718) 468-7464

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 To get started Text the word BUY to: 
(718) HOUSING™ that's (718) 468-7464

Housing NYC

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To get started text the word SEARCH to: 
(718) HOUSING™ that's (718) 468-7464
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To get started text the word SEARCH to: 
(718) HOUSING™ that's (718) 468-7464