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*Hot Women International, Inc."
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{+ + +} RE-Define .:. RE-Design .:. RE-Align - The "3" "R's" RE-Visited/Ing. [+ + +}

"Hot Women International, Inc." (HWI) is a Corporation, Headquartered (HQ'd) in Laguna Beach, CA, USA, with Regional HQ's in Clearwater, FL, Hollywood, CA, Las Vegas, NV, pHoenix, AZ, Beverly Hills, CA, Detroit, MI, Washington, D.C., Bentonville, AR, Sacramento, CA, St. Louis, MO, Cincinatti, OH, New York, NY, Chicago, IL, Nashville, TN and Salt Lake City, UT ("Life - Elevated" & "Greatest Snow On Earth") in the works and on the way, in various stages of development, with Our International Locations to be disclosed.  We are in the pre-launch, funding, and formation stage(s), heartily, energetically and strategically, in both concentrated and determined fashion, engaged(ing) in the activities each entails.  We are, by design,  an all inclusive and embrasive organization, and definitely not solely a "women's" organization, as We seek, and succeed, to/in inspire/ing, engage/ing, ignite/ing and co-create/ing, with All, to Live ... "Hot," and are grateful and thankful for All those in our environment, surroundings and spheres whom do the same.

"Hot" - Defined (Re-)
1.  having or showing great skill, knowledge, capabilities and abilities; powerful, strong, effective, successful and the like, encompassing all areas of life, livingness and endeavors, with an ability to communicate to, and with, the aforementioned; willing to both be responsible and accept responsibility for all conditions, and utilize all forms of creation, to include imagination, and the ingenuity with which to divine, as well as implement, solutions; elan vital.
2.  exemplarily excellent in exhibition, exuding radiance and abundance, with the talent, willingness and wherewithal in the efficacious use of grace, torque, and/or other said delectable component of divine design, in the garnering and achievement of results; professional; committed to excellence.
3.  transparent, exploratory and expansive; willing to learn and grow, emit, transmit, receive and radiate on inteference free, crystal-clear high-frequency lines; maintains a spirit of childlike wonder and play; intuitive; perceptive and willing to 'look'; celebrates everything; adores nature; full of awe; limitless.
4.  a force field of attraction and conductivity; electromagnetic; universally nurturing, socially conscious at a world class level, globally responsible, with healing and teaching qualities, and participation, therein and thereof.
5.  engaging, inspiring, irresistable, fascinating, beautiful, emanates from within and thus colors the without, captivating, alluring and extraordinarily spiritual; sizzling; evokes an extraordinary ovation via works of art, that which she is, as well as the extended cosmic canvas upon which she dreams, paints, creates, speaks to, interacts with, and infuses; adventurous; embraces all energy manifestations and color spectrums, aiding in, and of, the emergence of the sovereignly integrated, catalysing culture; homo luminous.
6.  loyal to the royal, within; alive to serve "The Beloved," "I AM," dedicatedly, at both The Soulular and Cellular level, in truth, worship, temple, honor, reverence and gratitude, knowing that both love, and power, bring up everything unlike themselves to be healed, gladly partakes and embarks upon that journey and path, basking in the equations of heart math.
7.  willing to be, do, have and experience anything within codes of honor and ethics.
8.  addicted to love, the cinematography thereof, love's beingness and vibration, willing to take it to 212°F (100°C) as necessary and/or desired, and express such, both publicly and privately, individually and collectively, at will, and within agency.
9.  ready, willing and able to grant beingness, ignite, and light, passion, purpose, and potential, accept the same, and experience shared power, empowering and ingeniuring, (a mix of genius, engineering and the within) celebratory and thankful for such, in all relationships, both personal and professional, and sets the standards and expectations for excellence and ethics, in the experience thereof, with focused attention and intention on productive and effective communication, across all realms, to include verbal and non; respectful; inspires greatness.
10.  clear, conscious, creative, co-creative, courageous, caring, sovereign, healthy, wealthy and free.

(Definition(s) to remain in a space, and place, of continual enhancement, refinement and optimization.)

The Honorable:
1.  "Living is Hot, it's fast, it's often brutal!  It has a terrific gamut of emotional reactions.  If you are really willing to live, you first have to be willing to do anything that consists of living." ~ L. Ron Hubbard
2.  "It takes the fire of life from within to set life a fire." ~ L. Ron Hubbard

We have an entire division set up for the Purpose of "Performance Philanthropy."  This division has both teams and projects that can be funded, as well as fully operational in short order.  This entity may be operated as a 501(c)(3) and is scheduled to be housed via "_ _ _ _ _ _ _"

We remain open to collaborative alignment(s), and have the ability to turn-key (co)operation and participation, with individuals, families, foundations, companies, projects, investors, and the like, of that/those "Field(s)," in both the "For Profit," and "Non-Profit" Sectors. It has been "One" of the organization's goals, over the last six (*8*) years, more specifically fine-tuned over the last three (*3*) years, to set up "Sustainable Funding Models," namely for aforementioned " Performance Philanthropic"/"Venture Philanthropic" activities, so as to remain "outside" of a "charity" based operational structure, yet meant as foundational base characteristic of the entirety of the organization.  We have the bandwidth, and are poised, to explore, actuate, and complete, working transactional engagement(s) of energetically infused increased exchange, of an expansive high-level nature, in duplicative order, ensuring long-term viability and relationship(s).  Our Purpose, transactionally speaking, is to orchestrate "best fit," ensuring both the attainment, and achievement, of resultant benefits to all participatory parties, translating into: 1.) measurable "performance standards" (PS) and 2.) "return on investment" (ROI), displaying the characteristics of 1.) highest level ethics and 2.) responsibility, with the "end goal" Being the highest and greatest good for greatest number.

Our Core Team does consist of "International Counsel," whose Insight, and Oversight, are Integral, throughout the entirety of the Organization(s), to include: structures, functions, conversations, actions, etc.  Further information available upon request and/or as per applicable.

Please direct any questions, comments and/or inquiries, including "Press," to: //

All communication(s) will be handled in the utmost of privacy and diligence.

Thank You, In Advance & Emergent.

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