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HotRot is playing a significant part in Melbourne Zoo's drive for zero waste to landfill by 2019

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Making wood chip the Chinese way! Needs do as needs must when the shredder delivery is delayed.

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The WRAP report mentioned in the last post gives some helpful insights into residential food waste collection. It covers some meaningful issues such as:
• Collection schemes
• Use of liners
• Capture and participation rates
• Methods for reducing contamination

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Excellent participation rate for Auckland food waste collection trial.
• 4,000 households in trial
• 23 litre bin for bagged scraps collected weekly.
• Average household puts out 4kg waste weekly.
• 87% still use the service after 15 months.
• 4% never tried it.
• 98% of those who tried it were satisfied with the service.

Contrast this with a report on 13 authorities that took part in a 2011 Waste & Resources Action Program (WRAP) research project on residential food waste collection. Estimated or measured kilograms per household served per week for bring bank schemes ranged from 0.26kg to 0.98kg per household per week with a mean of 0.63 kg.

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This is inspirational! If a city of 500,000 can do it, why can't we?

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Markets for Compost.
In Australia, applications for NSW EPA's market development grant closed off last month. The grants are destined for projects that develop new markets or expand existing markets for recycled organics. It will be interesting to see what new ideas are awarded funding later this year. In the meantime here is a good summary of current compost uses published by the Composting Council of Canada.

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A detailed article on how Sierra Nevada Brewery in Chico, California is diverting 99.6% of its organic waste from landfill by utilising a HotRot in-vessel composting machine. The compost produced is used on their restaurant gardens, thus efficiently, and very effectively "closing the loop".

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This is a great article for any organisations considering composting their organic waste on-site.

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For a lighter take on a serious issue: here's Last Week Tonight with John Oliver taking the mickey out American's love of food and the amount that goes to waste. Very well done.
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