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Talk about being late to the party, +Zayed Khan. Get on Skype with us, too!
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zedmk88, no skypability at work though

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+Stephen Tseou, this is the WebGL demo I was telling you about. Runs silky smooth on my Radeon HD 6870; how’s it looking over there on your Radeon HD 4850, hmmm? :)
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Well it runs like shit on my work PC with its Intel integrated graphics. :(

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Abstruse Goose – “Box”

This is exactly what happened to me last week. +Ping Lin and +Stephen Tseou knows. Oh how I love you, Age of Empires II.
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What the what??? Free Crif Dogs? LET'S GO!

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The King’s Speech at Hoboken Pier A with +Hoyin Tong and +Alice Lok. +Stephen Tseou, +Ping Lin; you guys coming?
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Wow how do you make one of these posts..
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