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Spring has sprung and we’ve teamed up with our friends at NVIDIA for an absolutely awesome giveaway. Starting today, April 26, 2012 and continuing on through May 17th, you can enter to win one of two ...
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Love the opportunity, thanks.
Chris C
I really can't get over the graphics this thing can push. Its just insane how beautiful it is
Amazing! Dude, sign me up please really, how do I enter to win this bad boy?
Cool contest guys. I have never played games on a laptop, I am probably going to give it to my son if I win.n Has anyone tried Mass Effect3 on this? How does it preform?
Did not realize a tablet had that much horsepower
@ Michael Perkins sorry dude just checked tegra zone after reading your post, mass effect 3 is just an animated wallpaper I believe.
It would still rock for my son, I'd rather have him reading with it anyway :)
I dont want to share this as that means more people might enter but i will anyways
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