*"Where do you keep your hands while you are riding?"^

Did you know that by keeping your hands in the right place, that your riding position will be more balanced?

I show people where to keep their hands with what is called "the Money Box"  It is the width of their horses shoulders and about 8 inches in height.  How does it work?  The riders imagine that invisible box and try to keep their hands in it.  If their hands go outside of it...  they have to pay me $50.  :)  I also received a great tip from +equinespot  on a good description for the younger riders.  Instead of a $$$ box, they get a "chore box" when their hands come out of the box they have to do an extra chore at home.  This also works with a  western saddle.  Some people like their hands above the saddle horn, others in front of it.  I like my hands in front of the saddle horn for safety reasons.  What about you?

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