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This is my favorite size of private event, small group, every note can be heard and it's easy to take requests so that everyone hears music they love.
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It's time for students to think about what they'll play for Christmas time. Some of my favorite music is by arranger Gail SalvatoriL start here for interesting arrangements for solo strings and harp. Her digital sheet music publishing makes is quick and easy to buy parts. Her site lists which pieces work with lever harp and gives sound samples. All work for piano and strings as an option.
intermediate string sheet music: violin, viola and cello sheet music
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If you haven't heard of Dorothy Ashby, find a recording and listen.
#soundsculptress Happy Birthday @Dorothy Ashby!
Dorothy Jeanne Thompson
Born August 6, 1930
Detroit, Michigan, U.S.
Died April 13, 1986 (aged 55)
Santa Monica, California, U.S.
Genres Jazz
Occupation(s) Musician
Instruments Harp, piano, koto
Dorothy Jeanne Thompson (August 6, 1930 – April 13, 1986), better known as Dorothy Ashby, was an American jazz harpist and composer.[1] Ashby extended the popularization of jazz harp past a novelty, showing how the instrument can be utilized seamlessly as much a bebop instrument as the saxophone.[2] Her albums were of the jazz genre, but often moved into R&B, world and other musics, especially on her 1970 album The Rubaiyat of Dorothy Ashby, where she demonstrates her talents on another instrument, the Japanese koto, successfully integrating it into jazz
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+harpist Barbara Ann Fackler thank YOU! Dorothy's music can be found on iTunes
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Listen to your harp's delight to this week's episode, featuring Naomi Hoffmeyer!
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Helpful Harp Hint Tuesday: What Does Your Website Do for You?

Years ago my son convinced me that I needed a website. With a very full performance schedule, I doubted his young advice. Months of gentle nagging from him wore me down until I allowed him to create a very simple website. At the time I didn't need more work, didn't see any reason why I'd bother but it's proven a useful tool in ways I didn't imagine.

When the time came to add a page with demo files, I balked again, seeing no point to yet another harpist posting samples of all the sample standard wedding choices. With the idea that it's easy to hear those pieces played on harp, I posted music that I prefer to play, instead of ordinary choices.

This was the surprize: people started to choose music from what I'd posted, not from the "normal wedding music" lists. That was when I realised that a website works in many ways. It can influence bookings, but it can also influence music selection. What you post as sound samples on your website can simplify your life. Choose carefully. 
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The therapeutic musician training programs are very popular with harpists these days but finding a job that pays in the field can be difficult. Look at this great fund raising event that sponsors music in a hospital setting. 
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I laughed when I got to choice #4 given that the article says "many of them will be looking for something a bit more unique than the traditional Wagner march".
Some interesting selections for ceremony music ... regardless of what instrument you have at your wedding be sure to select songs that YOU love! #weddingharpist #weddingmusic
We’ve just come to the end of engagement season, with many engagements having happened around Christmas, New Year's, and Valentine’s Day. That means that there’s a whole new slate of
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Great duet for beginning harpists, well played. I'd love to know the title and composer. +Veronika Lemishenko, can you tell us the name of the piece?
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Helpful Harp Hint Tuesday: Planning Prevents Unhappiness

I recently spoke with a good friend who played two outdoor weddings this weekend. Neither of the musician contracts included a provision for rain which meant the musicians had no option but to find a way to keep instruments dry and honor their contract.

It's a good idea to have everything in writing, including your terms for bad weather. Many of my harpist friends include a sentence that allows them, not the client, make the final call regarding weather: rain in particular is an issue but cold and heat can be as well. It's not a bad idea to require shade for your set up.

Plan ahead. You'll be much happier when you get to the gig.
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#soundsculptress Triplett Christina Therapy Harp for sale. Full set of Camac Levers, Tuning key, backpack & shoulder strap. $1550.00
Eastbay area. 
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