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Magic document:
Ilona Eibenschütz sharing her memories about Clara Schumann, Brahms, Strauss, Nikisch, Mahler and many more

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Hopefully the idea of a web standard for music notation will stop the nonsense that includes a new workflow with each new version.  This should be interesting to watch unfold. 
You can share words in your browser without plug-ins, including media and interactive apps. So why not musical scores, too?
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Life is surely more interesting and full of potential if you live in the 2% mindset. 
We all have the potential to be like the 2% - how do we foster a society that evolves from 2% to 100%?
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+Frank Rockenfeller I think I know what you mean now. Yes, that limits things some, but we are all born with imagination, yes? It's just that some stop using it when they become adults. 
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Helpful Harp Hint Tuesday: Outdoor Complications

As I sat in a pavilion by a lake in the wind on Saturday, I was making a list of all the complications brought about by outdoor events. I'd forgotten my hat, thinking I'd have the shelter of the pavilion, forgetting that the hat helps with keep hair out of my eyes in the wind. 

1) Set up surface: Ask your client if there's a level surface for your set up. Whether you take a pedal harp or lever harp out, a level surface is important. 

2) Shade: Harps don't react kindly to the heat of direct sun. Include something in your contract that allows you to set up in shade.

3) Wind: Wind complicates life.
         Music clips: Be sure to have wind clips or clothes pins to hold your music in place.
         Choose music with no page turns because wind clips are going to make turning pages quickly impossible.
         Set up with your harp with the strings out of the wind so that the strings don't hum with vibrations set in motion by the wind.
4) Temperature: Both high heat and extreme cold make it difficult to perform and difficult to keep a harp in tune. Consider including a temperature range in your written agreement. 

5) Hat: Hats are handy for shade, especially early or late in the day when the sun is low in the sky. They're also handy for keeping hair from getting in your eyes. 

6) Bug spray: Depending on your location and time of year, bugs can be a problem. If you're allergic to bee stings, prepare for that too. 

7) Rain: Do you know your clients plan for rain? Be sure to ask. Not every event has an alternate plan. You need to know what happens in the event of severe weather and your written agreement needs to protect you and your harp. 

8) Availability of the site: Some sites rent for relatively short periods of time. You need to know when you'll have access for set up.

If you're ready for the complications of an outdoor event, you'll be more likely to enjoy the event as much as your client and their guests. A little planning will minimize complications. 
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Barbara, you are so right about all this.  It's an excellent list.  Having my sheet music uploaded to my iPad eliminates any wind issues, but I can almost never use the iPad outdoors, even in the shade, as the glare makes the screen too hard to read.  Am wondering if anyone has solved that problem.  Keep the tips and reminders coming, as I always benefit and enjoy!
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Listen. Then go practice! Beautiful. 
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Absolutely! Thanks for sharing ;) 
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Have them in circles
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The American Harp Society sponsors many grants. This is one of my favorites of the year: Apple Orange Pair! Congrats to both of you!
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Looks very interesting and am sure it SOUNDS interesting too! I like the pink dresses.
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Strrrrretch that brain
"Your brain needs novelty to grow," says Jones. Stepping out of your comfort zone literally stretches your brain by allowing the dendrites to become like big trees with full branches rather than little shrubs.
Forget crossword puzzles and brain-training apps. Try these daily practices to truly grow your brain.
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harpist Barbara Ann Fackler
Hearing harp music captured my heart as a 4 year old and I still find it magical. Specializing in performance, teaching and publishing arrangements for pedal and lever harp as well as for horn and harp.