Military Spending: Do We Need to Spend Our Tax Money on Guns and Missiles?

1% of the United States discretionary spending was on FOOD in 2015. But a whooping 54% of discretionary tax dollars were spent on a war - about 3-6% for all other categorizes of life.

The government's role is sovereignty of the nation. Let's much sure we can rule our boarders. The idea of terrorists has stirred a panic in the psyche of the country, UNTIL we spend so much on that fear that sure, sovereignty of what KIND of nation? One without public infrastructure, failing school systems, scary pricey medical system, unaffordable housing?

13% of Americans are PRIMARILY concerned with #militaryspending when asked of all financial concerns. Americans lose about 20-24.7% of their total income in taxes. That means that 13% are concerned about the 54% of that 20%, so 10% of their income that went towards war. Maybe it feels like they tithe 10%, and all that humanitarian improving is canceled out by the 10% their #government spent on dehumanized "prevention of war", called war!!

Let's pretend this 13% of Americans are the geniuses. What if we took that 54% of war budget and knocked it back to an average concern...6%. And now 50% of the wealth taken from the country can go back into the economy is a myriad of ways. Woah. This 13% may have figured out every other financial concern for the rest of the 87%

Easier said than done. Fair enough. Hard has been done before.
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