Why Baby Boomers Still Buy Houses Even in Today's #RealEstate Market

One thing's for sure: this generation's not ready for an old folk's home, without a doubt, and here's why -- statistics don't lie.

It turns out that even in today's industry of home buying and selling, baby boomers have the highest share of the market for single female buyers: 20%. All other buyers have a much more balanced mix. That could mean a situation involving a transition past a divorce, or perhaps being a widow, but either case -- the pursuit of home ownership is still a strong one for baby boomers.

However, the main reason among older baby boomers still stays the same, with the majority of those boomers buying a new home just for retirement sake. That metric also sits at 20%. Yep, it's about that time for those boomers to settle down, right? Nope. Retirement's when the fun begins!
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