The Rise of the Rent-to-Own With the Ultimate Rent-to-Own Home Program

Just one look at the #realestate  trends out there, and you'll notice one game changer in the industry: #RTO. Rent-to-own's making headlines given the flexibility and benefit both for the renter (prospective homeowner) and landlord (current homeowner).

Because there's even more to look forward to in this case than just straight home renting! You benefit from basic credit repair and saving up for a down payment, and you're ALREADY living in the house you want to buy through your lease option!

So it's no surprise prospects are looking for those rent-to-own homes. We at #HopetoOwn do have the answer in this market: the Ultimate Rent-to-Own Home Program. A collaborative effort for you to find those listings that are RTO, get with the landlord with your foot in the door -- and start renting the house that will be yours down the road.

Fill out your information below to learn more about what the #URTOHP can do for you!
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