What Should a #Millennial Look for in a Home Buying Prospect? A BABY BOOMER!

Here's the big reason why, actually: these baby boomers basically need to trade down. The house is too big, the kids have moved out, and they're just not able to keep up with the maintenance. 24% of home sellers are some of the older baby boomers out there, so as a rule, if you're looking to buy a house with a bit more space than normal (as most millennials these days want), chances are a baby boomer's got the goods for you!

And don't take it lightly either. A baby boomer wants to move out of #realestate fast, especially since this is a demographic most likely wanting to move the farthest away at a mark of 75 miles, a much larger distance than the overall median distance of 20. Like baby boomers shooting out of a rocket.
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