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Sara from Google shares background about the Google+ Pages project – chime in with your comments
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I can't wait for it to be released to everyone who have a Business Page.
When will it show up in our dashboards?
Hi Jeff, as Gaetan mentioned, you need to apply for access as this release is a limited trial. Based on results, we'll work with Google+ to expand offerings but no timeline. Keep the comments coming and stay tuned.
+Gaétan Lanthier +Hootsuite Thank you both. Having the ability to post to G+ from Hootsuite would save me soooo much time and help so many more people find work (I'm a head hunter, author and publisher)
I agree with +Jeff Altman I actually administer a number of social media accounts and the ability to handle everything from one place instead of bouncing all over the place would be awesome!
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