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In personal injury cases such as motor vehicle accidents / ICBC car crash claims, monetary damages are paid to an injured 
victim (plaintiff) by the at-fault party (defendant) who is found to be legally responsible for the car crash. In most circumstances, an insurance company like ICBC is responsible for the payment of 
damages in motor vehicle accidents. There are many things to consider when assessing the value of a claim. Some of these factors 
include the nature of your injury, the cause of the injury and the impact that the injury has on your ability to work and on the activities of daily living such as household activities and other activities. Speak to a personal injury lawyer today to evaluate your case.

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Questions to ask a personal injury lawyer:

1) If I have been in a car crash do I need to call ICBC? 

Answer: No, ICBC it is always best to have an experienced lawyer contact ICBC for you. 

2) What is your contingency fee or fees to handle my case? 

Answer: Most law firms will take 30-33% depending on your case. In most cases we take a flat fee of 30%

3) What if your experience with personal injury cases? 

Answer: We have been practicing personal injury law since 1987, our combined experience is vast. 

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Is the initial consultation completely free no matter what I decide to do? #questionstoaskyourpersonalinjurylawyer  

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Need to pick a personal injury lawyer? Here are some things to consider when choosing your next lawyer. 
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