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Looking for the best way to sprout your seeds? 1. Save your empty egg shells and the cardboard case 2. Fill with organic soil and sprinkle the herbs on top 3. Place on window sill and spray with water daily 4. Allow to sprout and plant in your veggie garden, egg shell and all

Ways On How to Grow Vegetable Garden From Organic Garden Seeds :

Large Organic Vegetable Garden :
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Just as a data point, a seedlings' roots would never be able to penetrate an intact eggshell, causing the seedling to die (because water can't penetrate an eggshell either and from being in a tiny pot locked away from all the nutrient-rich soil a millimeter away). Fine idea, just crackle the eggshell when transplanting.
I do that without the egg shells... just using the cardboard holder.... once germinated you just place the piece of cardboard in earth... 
Exactly. If you really want to add some calcium and carbonate hardness to your plants, crush up eggshells and put 'em in a milk jug of soft water and use it to water them.
As I write I have egg shells slowly hardening in the oven ...
Wash the shells before putting soil in, keep salmonella away
I have so many chickens we definitely have to give this one a try :) thank you - Ruthie Pople
where is the best place to order sprouting seeds basil, parsley, and micro salad greens... thanks for the interesting post...can't wait to try it.
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