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Home away home! Worldwide homestay.
Home away home! Worldwide homestay.
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How to experience the best of Sydney in one day
Ideally, you need a few days to really
enjoy Sydney, but if you plan your route well, you can take in all the most
famous sites and activities in a single day. Here’s how. [Image courtesy of  Corey Leopold ] Get
the full overview [Image courtesy of  RubyGoe...

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What is a homestay?
From the
homestay guest’s perspective: A homestay offers students and international
travellers a safe, family environment and living space where they can stay
while travelling, working or studying abroad. It’s not the same as guest house,
where the relation...

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The biggest and best music festivals in Europe
European music festivals are the place to
party every summer. Take a break from your studies during the holidays and work
off some stress at one of these exciting events. There are far too many great festivals
to mention them all, but here are some of the t...

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Spend a summer studying English in the USA
[Image courtesy of  Shane Global ] Studying English can open up a lot of
opportunities for you – and would could be better than learning it in the USA?
You’ll have the adventure of a lifetime – and if you’re planning to study at a
University or College wher...

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Choosing a college or University in the USA
[Image courtesy of  llee_wu ] There are so many excellent colleges and
universities in the USA that you may have difficulty choosing the right one for
you. Here are some thoughts aimed at helping you choose the college or
university that will suit your need...

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Tips for getting a US student visa!

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Getting a US student visa
If you’re hoping to study in the USA, you
will need a visa. The application process is quite complicated, but most
applicants are able to get their visas. Here’s how it works: [Image courtesy of  Mike Mozart ] Fill
in the forms Once you have been accepted t...

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Scholarships for International Students Planning to Study in the USA
[Image courtesy of  Northern Ireland Executive ] Before you can fulfill your dream of studying in
the USA, you need to do all your financial planning in advance. Some
educational institutions will expect you to prove that you have sufficient
financial resou...

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Where to stay when studying abroad - Accommodation types for international student
[Image courtesy of Jirka Matousek ] The idea of studying abroad is very
exciting, but remember, you’re going to be there for a fairly extended period.
While ‘roughing it’ might be fine for a few days, you’ll soon tire of it.
Consider your options carefully,...
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