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Even Bill Gates hates Windows 8
Goes back to Windows 7

From the "OMFG you have to be kidding" dept...

"Bill Gates’ first day at work in the newly created role of technology adviser got off to a rocky start yesterday as the Microsoft founder struggled for hours to install the Windows 8.1 upgrade.

The installation hit a snag early on, sources said, when Mr. Gates repeatedly received an error message informing him that his PC ran into a problem that it could not handle and needed to restart.

After failing to install the upgrade by lunchtime, Mr. Gates summoned the new Microsoft C.E.O. Satya Nadella, who attempted to help him with the installation, but with no success.

While the two men worked behind closed doors, one source described the situation as “tense.”

“Bill is usually a pretty calm guy, so it was weird to hear some of that language coming out of his mouth,” the source said.

A Microsoft spokesman said only that Mr. Gates’ first day in his new job had been “a learning experience” and that, for the immediate future, he would go back to running Windows 7."
A Microsoft spokesman said that Mr. Gates’ first day in his new job had been “a learning experience.”
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Wow, it's the New Yorker and not The Onion. How do you like that dog food now?  Where is the support staff?.  They should just  lay down a clean machine.  Perhaps Gates wanted to save existing information.  No no no, you must get used to total impermanence. Here today gone tomorrow.  Once you accept total disk wipe, Windows is the greatest.  I just can't believe executives at this level would be involved in such nonsense. 
Is it PR stuff (any publicity is better than no publicity), or legit?
Well it's the New Yorker not the Onion, so I'd imagine they've done their fact checking and it's legitimate.
Homer, it could well be a legit theatric performance -- do yout think it would be too far off?
Sales of Win8 are already in the toilet, this won't exactly inspire confidence, so if it is just PR then it's the worst PR in history.
I guess what we have all spent 20 years dealing with is funny.  Now the cloud is here to save us.  Long live the PC support team.  May you live fruitfully in the cloud.
Well that's another media outlet I can strike off the legitimate source list.

Are there any left that don't print blatant lies?
When an IT person has got to explain this stuff to a CEO or judge, it is not very funny.  They look at you and blame you for the bad install.  They don't view their data as disposable; yet, much of the time, that data is gone. I don't expect the cloud to do a better job. 
If the New Yorker was a parody site like the Onion, or this was April 1st, I could understand them concocting this fantasy, but under the circumstances, without an explicit disclaimer, it's simply a lie.
Borowitz has always been a satirist. ;-). The moar you know!
I don't know Borowitz from Adam.
Technically Linux isn't the underdog, it's used on more than 90% of all computer hardware, including smartphones, routers, NAS devices, Smart TVs and many more. The "desktop" market is just a small fraction of that, so really it's Windows that's the underdog.
Gates has openly stated that Windows 95 was Microsoft's high point and that everything after that has been disappointing to him.  1995, Windows failure is almost old enough to vote.  

Anyway, this is an advertisement for Vista 7 and Gates.  Gates is not polite or laid back, he's a notoriously prickly person who asks "killer questions" and demands unhealthy effort and loyalty.  Gate's influence has changed US corporate and popular culture for the worse.  H8 has flunked completely, even worse than Vista itself.  Vista 7 is where Microsoft wants people to go now.  Software freedom is what those users need.  

The worn out hittler bunker skit would be better satire than this.  Someone should sit a tablet on hitler's desk and run it like that.  
+Драгица Ранковић : Well the "realness" of a particular sort of computer is just a subjective opinion. Certainly mobile devices are now more "real" to the majority than desktops. A touch interface is equally capable of creative use, in some ways actually more so, but then mobile devices can also be used with keyboards and mice, so it's a moot point.

The important point is that Linux is the most ubiquitous software in the world, by a huge order of magnitude, and indeed has been for many years.
+Драгица Ранковић : Apparently you're completely ignorant of a vast number of Android apps specifically designed for creativity, like this:

As just three of the more prominent examples.

Sorry if this doesn't fit your closeted world view of "real" computing, but sadly your archaic opinion is now in a tiny minority.
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