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Here I have a recipe for a healthy lung roll-on that works well in my own personal experience as well as some essential oils to calm my emotions as well.

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I was diagnosed with weak lung function back when I was 8 years old. I spent many years not able to do the things I wanted because of it. I have spent the past ...
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I have scoured the web and found 15 amazing crock pot recipes to help you get some real food on the table FAST! 

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When you work outside the home, there is nothing more valuable than the time you have with your kids when you get done with your work. However, if you are trying ...
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Avoid the high fructose corn syrup or other refined sugars, artificial preservatives and GMOs found in store-bought barbeque sauces - make your own Maple Cider BBQ Sauce!

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It is summer grilling time and I could not put it off any longer. My mission: to make my own delicious barbeque sauce. I had a chicken waiting in my fridge and ...
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Beef tallow is a rendered cooking fat made from the fat of a cow. Yes—beef fat. But saturated fat is awful right? Check out this post to learn more about beef tallow, as well as how to render it!

#saturatedfat   #beeftallow   #renderingfat  
In short, beef tallow is a rendered cooking fat made from the fat of a cow. Yes—beef fat. But saturated fat is awful right? There are many posts out there ...
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After working as a processed food marketer for over 15 years Bruce Bradley has had enough of Big Food companies, and he’s taking a stand for real food.

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If you were at all hesitant about your ability to make your own baby food, bananas should cure you of that!  Talk about easy!! Peel. Mash. Serve!

#wapf #nutrientdense #bananas #babyfood
Welcome to my fifth edition of my Nutrient Dense Baby Foods series for Homemade Mommy!  Last week I discussed introducing cod liver oil to your baby's diet.  ...
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Make your own healthy homemade winter skin cream with this super easy homemade recipe. 

#diybeauty   #essentialoils   #irritatedskin   #skincare 
Do you have dry winter skin? Know someone who does? It seems like everyone does, doesn’t it? Today I have a guest post from a childhood friend, Jennifer ...
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I absolutely love this homemade fermented mayo recipe and I know you will too. You will be surprised at how easy it is to make!

#fermentedfoods   #mayonnaise   #homemademayo   #realfood  
I absolutely love this homemade fermented mayo recipe and I know you will too. You will be surprised at how easy it is to make homemade fermented mayo. Thankfully ...
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Homemade Mommy

Real Food Recipes  - 
I like to make my #bacon in big batches so that I make only one mess to clean up. During the week, I can just take out a piece and heat it up quickly. I have found this method to be the easiest and fastest.
For my 60 posts in 60 days challenge I am starting a new series - Homemade Tip Wednesdays! I will be sharing a quick tip with you every Wednesday. If you want ...
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This is a variation on a raw cheesecake recipe using kefir, pumpkin and crème fraiche. It is so good! 

#rawfood   #pumpkin   #kefir   #cheesecake
I have made the Nourishing Traditions (page 566) all raw cheesecake before and it is delicious. This is a variation on that recipe using kefir and pumpkin and ...
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These potatoes have a creamy texture inside with a crispy texture outside. Divine simplicity at its finest.

#potatoes   #roastedpotatoes   #realfood   #easyrecipes 
I like to blanch potatoes in the morning and then sauté or roast them later (to learn more about all of these techniques check out The Homemade Mommy Handbook).  ...
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Babaganoush – a delicious dip that tastes very similar to hummus – is a great way to use a lot of eggplant and make them last through the week!

#babaganoush   #eggplant   #realfood   #dips 
Not sure what to do with all those beautiful eggplants?  I wasn't either until I realized I could use them to make babaganoush - a delicious dip that tastes very ...
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Keeping it REAL in a FAKE food world
Introduction ... Keeping it REAL in a FAKE food world ...

Spreading the word that delicious real foods are essential for good health! You too can start to transform your family - in whatever way works for you.

I'm Lindsey. I work a full time corporate job, am a wife to an amazingly supportive husband and mother to a 5 year old daughter and I blog about food. Real Food. I follow my own real food survival guide and find the time and make a commitment to homemade cooking because eating this way has truly changed mine and my family's life. Ditching processed food has helped us heal from a number of ailments including asthma, allergies, recurrent sinus infections and ADHD.  What is real food?  For me it is food that aligns to Weston A Price's research.  Here is why I love saturated fat and where I explain what are fermented foods such as kefir and sauerkraut.  These foods have saved my life and family!

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I buy organic, from family farms, local and grass-fed. I blog about what I eat and why. FACEBOOK:
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