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Homemade Mommy
Keeping it REAL in a FAKE food world
Keeping it REAL in a FAKE food world

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Breakfast cereals have gotten a bad rap these days and for good reasons – namely GMOs, high sugar, and refined grains. With this recipe, you can make your own delicious and healthy honey nut granola!

#honeynut   #granola   #realfood   #homemadecereal   #breakfast  

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While it is true that organic milk doesn’t contain pesticides, antibiotics or growth hormones, there are some dirty little secrets about some organic #milk brands that you probably don’t know.

#organicmilk   #dairy  

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These homemade lotion bars are super easy to make! These homemade lotion bars are made with all natural, non-toxic ingredients that are super soothing to dry winter skin too!

#diybeauty   #lotionbar   #essentialoils   #tallow   #naturalbeauty   #nontoxic  

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This recipe creates a smooth and truly buttery hummus made with traditionally soaked #chickpeas! Amazingly yummy and fairly easy to whip up a batch.

#butter   #hummus

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I have pulled together the ultimate guide to allergen free recipes in some great new ebooks available now. I hope you are inspired and will try these amazing allergen free recipes!

#realfood   #allergenfree   #cooking   #ebooks  

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So much of the Real Food dogma is to ‘eat like your grandparents did’ because the food was #unprocessed. If we want to eat like our grandparents did, we need to be eating a lot more saturated fat. 

#saturatedfats   #healthyfats   #realfood  

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This is an amazing version of ranch dressing. I think the #kefir gives it that extra special something! 

#ranchdressing   #realfood   #condiment   #saladdressing  

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Regardless of what kind of peppers you have on hand, you can easily whip up this delicious fermented salsa!

#fermentedfoods   #salsa   #peppers

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This Coconut Butter is so amazingly good! You MUST make this if you are the type of person who eats peanut butter out of the jar with a spoon.

#coconutbutter   #coconutoil #healthyfats  

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Ditching the microwave actually wasn’t that hard. Not only do we now avoid any potential health issues, we also learned that microwaving is not as convenient as we are led to believe and can actually cause more stress in the kitchen!

#microwave   #kitchentips   #kitchenappliances  
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