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Make sure to check out our channel on YouTube
to see the latest video's of our work on carpets that most would say can't be cleaned. Remember that we are the most affordable option for keeping those carpets in shape even while your units are occupied. We offer great prices for tenants so they can maintain your property, after all if they can afford to have nice carpets they probably keep up with them, saving you from costly replacements after they vacate. Watch our videos and if we can help you in any way call us...thanks
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We have several customers in Brownwood. They're very happy customers. We save them lot's of money, actually we make them lot's of money. We help them re-rent their apartments, or rental houses without the expense of turn around being as high as it would if they had to replace their carpet's every time someone moves out and leaves a mess (that never happens to you right). We can only save them money if we can first save their carpet's, and if we can save them money doing it. We specialize in doing the best quality work for the best price! We can save you a lot of unneeded hassle and expense at turn over time, but you have to call us to start saving money. Do it today by calling 325.200.9707, and asking to speak with Jay or Joe Wheeler about getting started. Don't spend any more money on replacing carpet's or on expensive carpet cleaner's who do a poor job, and charge a high rate. Call us now!
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Here's the deal. We specialize in cleaning rental property. Apartments are our bread and butter. We get contract's to do all of a property or we leave it for someone else. That's part of our business philosophy, you can use us, and we'll give you a great service at the best price, but we don't believe in simply being the cheapest. We want to be known for our quality work. We care about our work, we want to be the best in Brownwood and that means we have to occasionally turn down a job. We want your business, and we will make you an incredible deal to get your business, but don't mistake us for a cut-rate low quality service. We insist on giving the best, but we also expect the same from our customer's in return. After all a profitable arrangement will leave both of us happy and we can do great things together. We help you make money! We do this by saving you money in replacing carpets that could have been saved, and doing it very affordably as well. Call us @325.200.9707 and visit us about your need's.
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Has someone moved out of your rental property and left you stuck with a problem like this? Before you replace that carpet let us look at it. We have cleaned a lot of ruined carpet's and saved the property owner's lot's of money. There's a good chance we can save you some money as well. Call us for a free estimate @ 325.200.9707
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Video testimonial. We let the work speak for itself by showing video of the results we get. We are discreet about who we work for, and don't ask them to advertise for us. We want to earn business by doing a great job, and the word will get out. You may not of heard of us. That's because we don't want to get our business by working for everybody, we specialize in building slowly and carefully. Not everyone will call us that way, but the ones who do use us will be assured of the personal touch. Call us @ 325.200.9707 and we will visit with you about your needs...
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Rug Doctor? Really? Why do we use machines that almost anyone can easily rent or buy? Simply, its because we specialize in being affordable and going the extra mile to service our accounts.
Van units are great cleaners, they have high pressure and temperature and there is no arguing about that. But they're very expensive and not the best choice in all circumstances (high rise buildings are a prime example).
They can be noisy to neighbors during use, and use a fair amount of fuel as well. Most importantly, they have to charge a lot of money to be worth the owners of them firing them up. Simply put, you'll have to pay to get a van unit to clean your carpet.
Portable units are very good cleaners as well (a large powerful portable that hooks up to the electric of the building their being used in). They offer high pressures, and some offer high temperatures as well. They have a few problems as well though. They are also pretty expensive, and they require a robust electrical circuit to run at full power. If the power is an issue, they have to shut off the heater and some of the other system components can't run at full power. This power issue also means that breakers can be blown during use, and that's not a good thing for the property owner!
Rug Doctor has gotten a lot of bad word of mouth from both professional service's (who hate competing with less expensive options) and people who have rented one and had a bad experience with it.
The first group have a vested interest in down-playing the usefulness of Rug Doctor's, but the second group actually have a fairly legitimate point.
But some other factors play into this second groups bad experiences.
Some of the rental machines out there have been used by previous renters to do things that no owner of a Rug Doctor would likely attempt, and then returned and re-rented with no service to the machine.
This is a good way to give people a bad experience, but that's how Rug Doctor has always made their money, so that is going to continue to be a problem.
But the factor that really plays into the bad reputation Rug Doctor has been stuck with is the nature of the rental market. People using a piece of specialized equipment with no real training or experience, and then wondering why that equipment is so hard to use properly.
Rug Doctor adds to this problem by insinuating that good results are easy to achieve every time, but they aren't easy to achieve.
To use any carpet cleaning tool or machine takes experience and skill to get the most out of it. That's the real truth to any of the method's used.
People can't easily rent van units, or large portables, so they rent what is available and of course often have disappointing results.
We use Rug Doctor's because they work great when used properly. There is nothing inherently wrong with the basic design of the Rug Doctor, it is very well engineered for cleaning carpeting.
First of all, the pressure of the machine is very much lower than what other methods employ. But the pressure is just right for cleaning the vast majority of carpets found in most homes. I think a restaurant, for example, would be easier to clean with high temperature and pressure because of all the grease and food in the carpet fiber, but the Rug Doctor can clean these carpets, but not as easily.
Secondly, the brush is unique on the Rug Doctor, and that's very important. Wands used by typical van unit and portable operators require lots of "scrubbing" with the wand to get stains out.
Some use Roto-Vac or other types of spinning motions to agitate and remove heavy stains, but these are very expensive, and that expense gets passed on to the customer.
The brush employed by the Rug Doctor, by contrast uses a unique back and forth motion (as opposed to a spinning brush roll used by other self-contained extractors) which really does effectively clean both sides of a carpet fiber in the same pass.
Important to note about the brush action, is that is far and away the most gentle agitation and scrubbing action available at this time.
Other methods are more punishing to the carpet, which may get the carpet clean, but affects the lifespan of it.
Watch the video's we have here on this site and you can see that even though the brush is very gentle, it also works well at removing stains.
Sometimes the least expensive option is the best option as well.   Simply put, we use a very good method to clean carpet, it works when properly employed, but very badly when improperly done.
But that is also the case with van units, portables, bonnet buffers, or any other method.
The operator is the most important part of the equation.
We succeed because we take our time and get results!
We don't try to schedule so many jobs in a day that we can't spend the time required to do the job properly. Thats huge!
Most businesses focus on high volume to make as much as possible in a day, but that almost always leads to lower quality work.
We take our time and do the job right.
Watch the video's and look at the results.
Call us when you're ready to save money and we will be happy to visit with you about your particular needs. You matter to us.
Call 325.200.9707 today!   
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Think you carpet is beyond saving? Call us first @325.200.9707 and get an estimate before you spend the money replacing dirty carpets. We may be able to save you a lot of money and hassle. Play the video, and look at some of the other video's and then give us a call. The time you spend watching and calling us can add up to valuable savings for you. Remember, we want to make you money, that's how we make our money!
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Carpet cleaning doesn't have to be expensive to be good. We have done many (over a hundred) apartment's and saved many ruined carpet's. We have never had complaint's about two very important things. The final result, and the price. Yes, we really are the most affordable Carpet Cleaning Service in Brownwood. Have us give you an estimate and see!
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One of over a hundred apartments cleaned by Joe and Jay Wheeler of Home Improvement Services here in Brownwood TX. Call us to discuss your carpet cleaning need's today.
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Have you got a rental unit with carpet like this? We can help! Watch some of our other video's first and then call us @ 325.200.9707 and visit with us about your carpet cleaning needs. We aim to please!
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