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read holy bible study tools verse daily prayer requests jesus christ god lord savior christian
read holy bible study tools verse daily prayer requests jesus christ god lord savior christian

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World's Smallest HTML5 Holy Bible (1.4MB):

This is a portable Holy Bible app that runs in/as a webpage in any web browser (no install, no registration, no cost). You can run it online right from the web link or download it (right click link and choose download) to run it offline completely without any installation.

Smallest? Tiny as it has been compressed to nearly 1MB (just a plain text version of this Bible is 5MB), even fits on an old floppy disk! This Holy Bible fully extracts to almost 10MB in RAM (memory), that means this has been compressed close to 1/10th the size!

World's Smallest HTML5 Bible Version BETA (multi compressed to 1000KB)

There is even a smaller version, it's 1000KB when GZipped into a blank SVG image. It will open a popup window (let both load). It is slow loading compared to the other versions above, but it has over 400KB knocked off (it's about 60% the size of version 1). Some computers and devices do not know to open SVGZ file types with the default web browser (you can open it yourself in browser or set associations), that is why it's still BETA.

World's Smallest Text/HTML Bible (compressed to 875KB): (self extracts in new window, very basic HTML4)

This TEXT/HTML version is not as nice looking or interactive like the bigger HTML5 version. The only HTML coding is for line breaks/returns. Handy for a quick search though (push control+f in many browsers). This version was more created to beat a World record of a 896KB for a self running Holy Bible.

Brought to you by for free, plus think of the data costs saved with cell phone plans as this Bible is about 1/10 (one tenth) the size of a normal Bible app that has all the same features!

#bibleapp   #holybible   #html5  

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World's Smallest HTML Holy Bible: packed inside a SVG image (a page pop out of it) or view out of image on (it's now 1.4MB this way, but loads faster). Right click to download or run from the site.

Small meaning that they have been minified (converted to Javascript, target all repeated words to remove until recompiling) & compressed, not missing any words in final extraction. It also requires no installation as it is portable, just use a web browser or HTML viewer. - An easy to search (cntrl+f) use and nice looking complete Holy Bible in a cell phone app style. It's only 1MB for entire file (run from link or download it and use in Internet Explorer, Chrome, etc.).

Here is a web page version (everything is embedded, it's 1.41 MB, but still fits on a floppy disk):

The original file was 7MB (2MB compressed), but I cleaned it up, ran mathematical formulas to slice and dice to remove duplicate words to replace later with a map (this brought it down to 2.45MB). Then I bzipped it to 989KB (unfortunately majority of gain is lost once it gets base64 encoded, back up to 1.41MB), then I gzip it to a compressed SVG image for one last whak to 1.06MB!

This may not be going towards my goal of a plain bland 512KB packed up Bible (I am at about 760KB now for that one), but this looks so much better and it is so much easier to use (great on my touchscreen).

2 versions of Jquery (general and mobile) are built in (150KB added on), all image layouts, CSS, JavaScript, chapter sorter and Bible data is embedded. You should be amazed by the 1MB size! Heck, just surfing a few bages of and you will go through a MB OF DATA BADNWIDTH.

Bible On Floppy Disk - "Probably the world's smallest Bible viewing program!"
Bible On Floppy Disk is a tiny freeware HTML5 application for viewing the entire King James Version of the Bible.

Bible Floppy Disk is a stand-alone HTML5 application - it doesn't need to be installed, unzipped, or require any other files to use it.
Bible Floppy Disk is only 1Mb in size - it is portable and fits easily onto a USB drive, or even 1.44Mb floppy disk! Bible Floppy Disk displays any of the 1189 chapters in the whole Bible, both Old and New Testaments. Bible Floppy Disk is free! It's the world's smallest fully viewing Bible program (not just plain text line, by line)! Christ On Disk is stand-alone, like a portable app but you need a web browser to run it.

Inefficient oversized programs slow down millions of computers daily, consuming more energy than needed. So why have more 'stuff' in the software than it needs? There's no point wasting disk space. That's why Bible On Disk has NO data files, NO configuration files, NO need to install, NO need to unzip. It is just ONE web based executable file - the one you use.

Bible On Disk is now only 1Mb in size
A plain text file with every word of the Bible is more than 4.5Mb. Christ On Disk contains all this and a Bible chapter viewer, and is 1Mb in size. This makes it very easy for you to download and run it, or download it on your USB and run with it if you're a Bible smuggler. :-)

Bible On Disk is now even smaller than Bible reading programs for mobile phones. It really is that small, minuscule, minute, diddy, tiny, minature... well, you get the picture.

#holybiblestudy   #bibleapp   #app   #javascript   #holybible  

Post has attachment - World's smallest TEXT web viewable Holy Bible! 4.5 million characters mathematically turned into 875,000 characters, yet still breaks out to 4.5 million characters! My goal is to get it to 512KB. Bzip file was 868KB, but because we hold the file here in a base64 as a inline data file, it gets inflated to about 1.1MB for this version.

From what I can find on the internet, 896KB is a record for a web bearly viewable Holy Bible. Well my demo is 878KB (originally a 8MB HTML file). It has been sliced and diced through an array, bzipped, then encoded for inline storage (base64 actually increases size), then gzipped it.

Post has attachment is a new powerful PHP web based based Holy Bible search app/tool with parallel (search up to 4 Bibles at once) searches of many translations and languages that is easy to use. Nice random animated GIF inspirational images too. Give it a try and add it to your bookmarks as another useful Bible searching study tool. is an programming language project that compares to the PHP version above.

#holybible   #holybiblesearch   #holybiblestudy   #holybiblesearchengine   #searchthebible   #searchthescriptures   #scriptures   #bibleverses   #bibleverse   #dailybiblereading   #dailybiblereading   #dailybibleverses   #biblesearch   #biblesearcher   #bibles   #bible   #religion   #god   #jesus  

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JESUS LOVES YOU! First, I thank my God through Jesus Christ for you all, that your faith is spoken of throughout the whole world.
Animated Photo has some interesting links for Christianity web sites. Over 50,000 websites that are hand chosen by ODP members (Open Directory Project ).

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We are the proud new owners of (we already owned because the dot com was taken).
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