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Dying Iraq War Veteran Tomas Young Reacts to George W. Bush Joke About Missing WMDs  - Never forget America how we were lied to!  Never forget Tomas Young. Another Bush in Office.  Fool me once, shame on you.  Fool me twice SHAME ON ME!
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Top notch pool service. Services offered: Pool Cleaning Services, and Pool Maintenance #poolcleaning #henderson #lasvegas  
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Get ahead of the game with the #collegeadmissions process. ACT vs. SAT.. which one do top colleges like #harvard #yaleuniversity #universityofpennsylvania prefer?
PSAT vs SAT? Which do top colleges prefer? #PSAT #ACT #College  
Student:Until recently, the answer would automatically be “Take the SAT.“ However, the ACT has gained greater acceptance among colleges so it pays to understand the advantages and drawbacks of taking
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Sounds Like A Smear Campaign!  Support All fixes Handyman #battlegroundwa All about Christmas light that were put up almost two years ago under a different owner.  Does #fox12 news have anything better to report on.  How about reporting the facts.  Case and point never trust the media!
All Fixes Handyman has changed over ownership twice now. It has become a life project in memory of it’s previous owner, Artem Matyunin who passed away tragically this last May, 2014.

Artem a young man ready to start his career as a contractor/ handyman in Battle Ground, WA., loved All Fixes Handyman and was enthusiastic about his future as well at the future of his business (All Fixes Handyman). Unfortunately Artem was not able to make his dream successful due to his passing this last May in a tragic car accident.

He left behind a brotherhood, friends and loved ones (all construction contractors) that refused to let his dream die. All Fixes Handyman is now owned and run by Sergey Pivovarov, alongside Roman Pivovarov. and Paul Sveshnikov, all with the same goal, to carry on the business (All Fixes Handyman) in memory of their brother and dear friend Artem Matyunin.

These are a group of men that are carpenters by nature and have always liked fixing things and working on doing home improvement projects. So their passion for their work is a second nature to their love of family, friends, their customers and lets not forget golf.

Not only are they in a business that they are good at, but they love what they do. All three men aslo have a commitment to keep Artems dream of All Fixes Handyman alive.

Recently Fox12 news gave airtime to a displeased Ridgefield, WA resident that told his story of an unhappy experience with All Fixes Handyman. “Of course it’s not surprising that anyone would be disappointed with unreturned phone calls.” Says Paul Sveshnikov. “However, we never received a phone call and we believe in our commitment to the community.

For us it’s all about our customers, repeat business and doing things right the first time.” Paul Sveshnikov continues, “Of course, no one is perfect, and we can’t always please everyone, but we try top maintain high standards and will put the customer first.

Unfortunately, had the resident taken the time to actually understand that this business has changed over ownership, he would probably understood his unanswered calls. Lets use his own words “verify, verify, verify” The number, address and contact information was incorrect. Had anyone actually gone to the website they would of seen the number and contact info to reach All Fixes Handyman.

“We would like to reach out Jeff Lightburn and make amends for his unfortunate experience.” says Sergey Pivovarov owner of All Fixes Handyman/ MSR Pros. We enjoy helping people in our community and it is our mission to keep All Fixes Handyman alive and in a proper professional light in memory of our dear brother Artem Matyunin.” Sergey Pivovarov goes on to say,

“We have hung dozens of Christmas light this season, and continue to get calls despite the unwarranted bad press. We just hope that our community and existing customers will take us for who they know us to be, ethical and caring. We believe in the community and will work hard to make sure they trust and believe in us.”
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Holly Wild

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So Sad --
According to witnesses the accident occurred when a red BMW sped into the tunnel and collided with a Mercedes minivan, which then collided into a jitney bus in a chain reaction.

#nyc #lincolntunnel #lincolntunnelcrash  
Add a location to your Tweets. When you tweet with a location, Twitter stores that location. You can switch location on/off before each Tweet and always have the option to delete your location history. Learn more. Turn location on. Not now. Turn off location ...
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I feel you brother.
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Holly Wild

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Noel Gallagher Thinks Zayn Is an ‘Idiot’ for Quitting One Direction
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Holly Wild

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New Google Algorithm Change on the Horizon: Prioritize Mobile or Be Penalized.  Low fee, same day!
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Free speech comes with responsibilities.  I can honestly say THANK  YOU SONY pictures for canceling the release of "The Interview". Your responsibility was not to put out a "bomb of a movie out.. It sucked" .  YES I watched it .. and what a pathetic attempt at humor.  NOT FUNNY.  ITS BEEN DONE. YAWN. MY OPINION. MY advice  ... Don't waste your money!  Bad movie for the sake of humor at the expense of Americas supposed "AXIS OF EVIL", arch enemy.  Sorry #sethrogen it was not a great movie it sucked! Just my opinion and right to "freedom of speech".  Now that's how it's done!  BAM!
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The movie industry is full of whores, somewhere up in there; Hollywood.  For some reason there is money for dead air filled by the same faces.  By dead air, I mean these stunts are recycled bits to bits.  The leading actors have faced us without any change of idiocies, personality or body language style.  Driving Ms. Daisy is an unplanned classic, because it was different, as tremendously boring as it was.  Al Pacino has no thrill anymore, Jim Carry is a vocal clown.  Somehow there is a twenty year old girl  to sleep with every strong octogenarian role.  It seems writers are popping balloons with darts to dialog and plot.  Plot less scripts have me forgetting what I watch.  Movies with the new norm of dumb and dumber break out such stupidity I call them stupimentary films.  A stupimentary will often be inclusive of sequential homosexuality with no relevance to the film, or may include a man and woman in sodomy.  To trump all, I recently caught a famous actor play a normal role, when he mentions the true greatness of pedophilia.  That is no joke, and it was comic relief.  This is happening  that, real men are buying into the propaganda targeting heterosexuals, brainwashing for a  metro-sexual - homosexual eugenics program.  Before you write me off to the nutters, this is more sillynanny;  are fart jokes funny?  Only when your a redneck flagellating before your judge, without a lawyer, and you are telling the story.  Such an occurrence should really never happen in one's life, if even only once.  Thus, it ought not to be a joke ten ways in each movie today.  That shit aint funny anymore.  I will not see this movie you posted, but I know Seth rips some and tastes it twice.  Being gay is normal, gays are born gay, and I accept that.  I have many friends who are not gay.  The thing is those friends are starting to think sodomy is normal, expected, and now a few gay experiences are a bound among young men.  Straight forward, it is socially acceptable to act on sexuality with your friends of same sex.  The Georgia Headstones were telling a story of population.  So +Holly Wild +Sandra Shaw +S Choruwa  and +Rell Jack  , I say freely to sony with a lower case letter, "s";  I know who you are and your not gonna get my entertainment money through any of your media companies.  Hollywood, I steal your films off the internet, because your tactics are not Human.
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Holly Wild

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Steve Jobs graduated from high school in 1972 and while he started going to college at Reed College in Portland, Oregon he quickly dropped out after a single semester. Despite leaving, he occasionally audited classes at Reed College, most notably his well-known course in calligraphy. According to Jobs, “If I had never dropped in on that single course in college, the Mac would have never had multiple typefaces or proportionally spaced fonts.”
There are some things that you should consider as you make your decision. Ivy League schools may provide an edge to their graduates when it comes to jobs and postgraduate MBA and law school programs. While it is no longer the “Old Boys Network,” the advantages of attending a Harvard or Brown carry a lot of weight with top employers and especially in securing the coveted summer internship.

#ivyleague #ivyleagueculture  
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San Jose, great doctor if you've been injured in an accident!
San Jose Accident Injury Doctor Treating pain and injury from car accidents, sports injuries  and work related slip and falls!

#sanjose #sanjosechiropractor #health #medical  
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You made us feel like we weren't alone and now your gone. As a native San Franciscan I feel this great loss.  It was nice seeing you around town. We loved you! #riprobinwilliams  
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If your looking for that special accent to living up that living room or kitchen you have got to check-out Idees Home Decor located at the Vancouver, WA Westfield Mall on the second floor next to Macy's. This is the cutest store with the most arts, sweet treasures that can liven up any home! Birthday, House Warming, Bridal Gift or just something for yourself, just because, you love shopping Idees Home Decor. I know I did! It;s got everything, candle holders, mirrors, accent pillows, wall art and more!
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Termites gone! Without hesitation, I will recommend your service. Great staff, and service technicians!
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Dr. Khakhar is one of THE BEST BRONX doctors for treating chronic pain. Anyone injured in an auto accident, should choose Dr. Khakhar. His practice will send a driver to pick you up at home, if your unable to drive.
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Excellent Pain Doctor In NYC. Dr. Delman treats pain from accident. he really personable and explains in detail whats physically going on with you. Anyone that is trying to find The Best Pain Doctor should see Dr. Delman.
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Dr. Amer helps clients achieve a more youthful and natural look. I am one of his biggest fans, and I recommend his practice at every opportunity. I also love Botox, around the eyes, and at the top of my forehead. Botox helps retain a more natural youthful look!
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