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I'm happy!
I'm happy!

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We are adding new products and services to help you successfully locate your ancestors.

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James Tanner applauds FamilySearch with a "Most Improved Genealogical Search Engine of the Year Award!"

Yesterday I had a letter, yes - snailmail, from a friend who wanted me to do some local research on a family member. I was able to locate the information onine in less than 5 minutes and turned up several additional resources for him to check out. I also learned that one of the local funeral homes in Ogden had been purchased by Aaron's Mortuary. There is always new data to find and old data to track as it changes hands. I think I'll create a new class on funeral home records. I love my job!

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I really enjoy the way James comes at genealogy. I think about things and he writes about them. How does he do that?

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We have fun at Expos. Join us!

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Happy Mother's Day all over the World. Thank you Paul Adjei for sharing this picture on this special day. What a beautiful mother and her two children in Ghana, Africa. We celebrate motherhood for all women throughout the world.

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Just posted the April Bonuses and Free Stuff available by attending the Houston, Oklahoma City, or Albuquerque Family History Expos genealogy conferences. For details:

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Mark will be presenting this class at our upcoming Houston Expo so don't miss it. Thanks Mark.
St. George Family History Expos On Air Hangout Highlight Video
Here is a short highlight video of our live Google Plus and Hangouts On Air broadcast from the St. George Family History Expo. This video is just three minutes as I know most people don’t have the time to watch an entire hangout, 60 minutes, of a class.

We were excited to teach the class and equally excited to find out more about the automatic recording of the On Air Session via YouTube and more about what we can do with On Air hangouts and the resulting video.

The editing of the video taught us a lot about what YouTube and Hangouts can and can’t do. I ended up downloading the video from YouTube and using other software to do the work. It was still very nice that Hangouts and YouTube synched up well and provided one less thing to have to worry about during the class.

The echo on parts of the video was not noticeable to the live class but those in the hangout could hear it. It was due to the audio in the classroom being picked up by my mic and creating the echo in the hangout itself but not the room.

As I’ve watched hangouts and the resulting playbacks of them I’ve very rarely played the entire show back. What do you think – is it a good idea to cut the video down to a very short recap or would you rather see the entire class over again – or something in between? If anyone wants to see more please let me know and I’ll send you a link.

Thanks again to all who participated. +Dave Barney +Dan Lynch +Moritz Tolxdorff +Sheri Fenley +Tara McIntosh +Daria Musk (there in spirit)
+Harold Carey Jr. (Harold is once again my friend - despite his violent content) +Kathy Nemaric +Abby Curtis-Palmer
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