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Holly Powell
Local Marketing Architect (Roofer Marketing, Website, SEO, Local and Social)
Local Marketing Architect (Roofer Marketing, Website, SEO, Local and Social)

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Check this out

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customer reviews and how important they are

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Need some expert advice please. +Joy Hawkins +Linda Buquet

If you don't know already :-) I like videos; however, in a nutshell
client's website has Centerville OH
maps has Dayton OH
based on Joy's blog post awhile back about city center, etc - I'd have to dig up the link - I am at a loss as what to use.

Any insight will much appreciated.

Cross posted in Local Search Forum as well - I know sometimes it's a difference audience - wanted to ping Joy and Linda here
+Joy Hawkins and +Linda Meyer

What is the best way to handle?
I started working with a Las Vegas client who cleans (in addition to other services) stone floors. Anyway - I did a video because I think this is probably the worst abuse of Google business pages I've seen in a long time.

google stone floor cleaning las vegas

Silver State (SS) has 10 map positions!

How are they getting away with this? @joyhawkins or @lindabuquet - any idea how to get some of this cleaned up?

I know I could report spam all day; however, I'm not sure that is a successful measure. 

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Would you consider this a #googlefail? EMD - but description says Find cash advance, blah blah - website is not live. These are the things that frustrate those of us who are out there really trying to do what's best for our clients. smh

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Diane, thanks for your kind words. I love working with you - always professional!

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Anybody family with Insights enough to explain what the Google+ page in google Insights is - the explanation page explains everything but that from the legend.

One of my clients received a phone call today saying that if he didn't pay his google listing would be removed. Full disclosure this client is also my brother - He explained that his sister (me) handled all of his marketing. The guy on the other end of the call said, "Well, she better hurry up and get this paid for or your google listing is going to be removed."

The # is 910-778-2850 - I tried to call and of course received a recording. The sad statistic behind this type of "spam" marketing technique is that some small business owners would pay and never know the difference. So sad!

Can NOT wait until I can complete this project I've been working on what seems like forever and is haunting me. ugh!
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