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Holly Lyne
Politically motivated, ethically minded, spiritually heartened.
Politically motivated, ethically minded, spiritually heartened.
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Hi folks, is anyone here any good at writing tag lines? I'm wanting to spruce up my book descriptions and want nice catchy tag lines for each of them. I have one for my first book: In a city where the shadows can eat you alive, could you survive? But nothing for the other two novels. Can anyone help?

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Hi folks. I'm offering the first book in my dark urban fantasy series free via my website:

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Hi folks. I'm not quite sure where the best place is to post this, apologies if it should be in another area.

Can I get your opinions on some potential tag lines for my book descriptions please? I'm going to do a really thorough spruce up of these for all of my books in the next week. Very briefly, my series is dark urban shapeshifter fantasy (so tag lines need to appeal to those readers).
For book 1, Seeds of Autumn: In a city where the shadows could eat you alive, would you survive?
Book 2, Ghosts of Winter: Demons and plague pits. What could possibly go wrong?
Book 3, Tides of Spring: Unearthing the past to face the future.
Short story, The Storm Riders' Vigil: Demons from the deep are coming ashore.

The third is the one I'm least sure on, not sure it's gritty enough, but it ties in to the series title, Echoes of the Past, which is actually referenced in this book and is the major theme.

Would these tag lines get you to read on? Or heck, click "Buy now" right away?! If these aren't grabbing you, please feel free to take a look at my full synopses and suggest other options.... (I know, I need to tinker with this page of my website too. It's on my to-do list!)

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Just a super quick post to show you all the sparkly new cover for book three in the Echoes of the Past series, Tides of Spring. I am so excited about this cover! Artist, Nathalia Suellen, who has designed all three novel covers, has a spectacular eye and…

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Wordless Wednesday over at my parenting blog, Spirited Mama:

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Holly Lyne commented on a post on Blogger.
Beautiful photos. Thank you for sharing them.

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It’s week two of the Me, Myself & I series. This week’s questions were set by Sare at Confessions of a Techaholic. Find out more about the linkup over at Suzie Speaks. On with the questions! 1. Why did you start blogging? Hmm… I have to reach back…
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