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"Take Care and Be Aware!"
"Take Care and Be Aware!"

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Visit Holistic Healer & Wellness to start your new year right. Get health coaching and products to keep you happy and healthy year round. 

MASSAGE It's not for pampering yourself; research shows muscle therapy provides a long list of health benefits. More people are getting massages for medical purposes then they are for relaxation or pampering. You know massage helps reduce stress and tension. Here are some other benefits of massage (muscle therapy): Relieve chronic back pain, Easy anxiety, Reduce blood pressure, Reduce depression, and Boost immunity. For those who live in Michigan if you or someone you know have been in a car accident your massage (muscle therapy is covered by auto insurance. For more information contact Start feeling great today!

Watch how much fruit your eating
Fruit is great for us but it also can be bad for us. Fruit is a food that is a double-edged sword. It contains (natural) sugar and even though it's natural can lead to weight gain if too much is consumed fruit also contains fiber which your body needs. Also pay attention to the fruit juices you drink, they contain all the sugar but none of the fiber. Some fruits are lower in sugar, and some contain more fiber. Here are a few that you want to watch your intake of: Bananas, Grapes, mango, figs, and pomegranates even though they are delicious you need to watch how much you eat. Eat your fruit during the day and watch your intake later at night.

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Check out Holistic Healer's products they are all natural, no chemicals, or synthetic ingredients. We use only the finest ingredients that mother nature has to offer. use this code to receive 20% off your order. SS15

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Holistic Healer & Wellness Video Who We Are. Enjoy!

Consider This the amount of sunlight that intersects our earth in 40 minutes is equivalent to the total, global-annual-consumption of energy (400 quads).

Consider this: The ratio of tensile strength-to-density of spider silk is approximately 5 times greater than that of steel, while a single thread, wrapped around the earth, would weigh only 1 pound (16 oz.).

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If you have arthritis, tendonitis, bursitis, migraine headaches, or any type of muscle pain or joint pain try holistic healers pain relief spray. Made with therapeutic grade essential oils for release of pain in 20 minutes. #migraineheadacherelief #painrelief #productsformigraines # headache #jointpain # musclepain #naturalpainrelief

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What makes Holistic Healer products so different and special? Find out and learn about our #holistic products.
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