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A Visit to the Military Museums of Calgary in Alberta +Lauren Bassart
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Holiday Nomad

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Magic sight! +Thomas Angst 
Sunset over Bensheim
I'm still in easter holiday and after all the cloudy nights without a chance to get some nightshots, I had to walk with Bubu in the rain. And the best part is, it doesn't rain everywhere, it rains only in the small side valley where I was walking with my dog, hmmm.
About the photo, where I shot two years ago. I was walking around to search good places for the portrait shooting of the bridal couple, when I found this sightseeing over Bensheim while the sun was just hide behind the horizon.
If you are lucky and the clouds are at the right position you can shoot nice sunsets everywhere. If there are no clouds you can have the best sightseeing and the sunset will not be spectacular. So don't hope for a cloudless sky, okay to much clouds are also bad...

+Tom Fear
#germany #bensheim #fuerstenlager #sunset #landscape #hdrphotography
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How beutiful! 
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Thanks for sharing! The post is not accessible at the moment as my host is dealing with a DDoS attack - hopefully everything will be up again soon!
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Arenal Volcano remains one of the most photogenic volcanoes in the world. #ArenalVolcano   #costarica  
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Love the lush vegetation at the bottom. Very rate for volcanos to have that.
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Have them in circles
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very nice
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Maui, a magic destination! Here is a Top 5 things to do in Maui Hawaii!  #Maui   #hawaii   #hawaiiphotography   #hawaiianislands  
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Muy bonito lugar
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Yosemite National Park, located about 300 kilometers east from San Francisco, is a popular destination for nature lovers, hikers, campers, rock climbers. Have you been? #nationalpark   #yosemitenationalpark  
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+aradhana rana, you can do it on your own it is a fantastic place!. You can also do it by YARTS bus it's awesome.
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Holiday Nomad

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Everest Base Camp for me isn't just something I would like to do, but something I feel the NEED to do. But first I have to overcome these challenges:
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Go girl. Take us there. :D
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Some trips are just more memorable than others. Touring Northern Ireland +Jaklien van Melick
                      This photo of NI Black Taxi Tours is courtesy of TripAdvisor Some trips are just more memorable than others. For me it was a trip I took to Northern Ireland, not because of its amazing sites or jaw-dropp...
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There is so much which can be done during your holidays/vacations. I hope you will find some inspiration here for your next one :-) 

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