#ingress #swagaddict ? true!...
as some of you may know... i love cards, pins and patches (because these 3 things take a lot of space, i stopped collecting coins a while ago)

So if you see some patches i've been missing... send me a message if you wanna trade... Telegram: HerzScheisse

I have alot of stuff to trade... unfortunately not so many patches... but playermade + official cards, pins and other stuff...

I'm also looking for (see pictures attached here):
- Sennheiser Headphone Tycho card No. 5 of 5
- McDonalds ViaLux Cards
- GoRuck card
- some Niantic Staff cards

please help me to enlarge my collection... :)

here is my for trade stuff... https://photos.app.goo.gl/0WHPQwG9MBK3aD1w1

+Ingress+Anne Beuttenmüller+Andrew Krug

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