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Hottest inhabited place on Earth
Happy to share a few pictures of the hottest inhabited place on Earth , up in Ethiopia.  Beautiful in lots of different way! "The Danakil Depression is the northern part of the Afar Triangle or Afar Depression in Ethiopia, a geological depression that has r...

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Climbing Mt. Kenya
Recently I climbed the hiking route (non-technical ascent) of Lenana Peak , the third-tallest peak (still respectable 16,354 ft / 4,985 m) of Mt. Kenya . We used the Sirimon route, both up, and down. We left Nairobi on a matatu (public minivan) on Friday af...

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Samburu, Kenya!
Quick photo dump from our weekend trip to lovely and dry Samburu Vulturine Guineafowl! Gerenuk: looks like a cross of an antelope and a giraffe! Bangles and beads for d...

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Our backyard: Nairobi National Park
I've shared photos from our quick trips to Nairobi National Park twice before ( 1 here & 2 here ), but just had to share these from our two recent fast overnights -- Saturday afternoon game drive, camping, then Sunday morning game drive. Had to start with t...

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Sun was hiding, but the animals weren't
Took a morning drive through Nairobi National Park today, and while the light was flat, still took a couple good snaps! I've shared a few photos before from Nairobi National Park , and I have a feeling I'll do it again!  Just so great to have such a resourc...

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Long weekend: Kigali and Virunga National Park
First two quick movie recommendations to learn more about recent history in Rwanda  and the DRC (Democratic Republic of the Congo) For Rwanda: Shake Hands with the Devil (2004 or 2007) Trailer (2007): For DRC, specifically the park we were in: Virunga (2014...

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Amazing Amboseli
It's the rainy season, so allegedly, it's a terrible time to visit Amboseli. Couple that with an ultra-quick trip from Nairobi (only one night in the park!) and you could have a recipe for disastrously low photo count.  Instead, we ended up with a fantastic...

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An afternoon tea (farm)
Big ole' tea farm in Kiambu - the Kiambethu Tea Farm Partners in life, lost in tea! Chameleons by the handful! Please remind me the name of this bird!  I think the plumage is only long during courtship!  Female is brown, male is dark-bluish!   And check out...

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A quick visit to Nairobi National Park
Nairobi National Park is just a few km from downtown Nairobi and offers awesome sight seeing. While this trip was a bit less exciting than my last, I still managed a few good shots.  Enjoy! Please correct these animal names in the comments below! Grey egret...

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Photos of birds and monkeys from our balcony
Just thought I'd share some of the photos taken form our balcony here in a regular apartment complex in Nairobi!  Some beautiful birds chomping away - I think they're White Casqued Hornbills? francesco_veronesi/3002477827/ htt...
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