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Holborn Assets Dubai, UAE
Holborn Assets Dubai.The financial services group of choice.
Holborn Assets Dubai.The financial services group of choice.

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#HolbornAssets #FakeNews #UK

“Fake news” means news that is not necessarily true. We’ve seen a lot of it recently across many sectors, including personal finance, where it is often scam stories that stand out. Here at Holborn Assets, scams and stories about scams are regularly evaluated to see a) if there is any truth to them and b) what can be learned in terms of client security if there is any truth to them.

But let’s be clear: we, as a society, have always had fake news. And the desire to stand out, regardless of the truth, has always been at the bottom of it. Back in 2004, ex-UK Government Director of Strategy Geoff Mulgan observed that “the public have systematically distorted views of many important facts and issues” as a result of “the competitiveness of the modern news media economy” which “has led to some well-documented distortions to news values: poor ethics, inaccuracy, abuse of power.” Click the link below to read more...

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#HolbornAssets #ScamWatch #UK

Would you be fooled by a pension scam?

In research commissioned by the UK’s Citizens Advice Bureau in 2016, it was found that three-quarters of us are confident that we wouldn’t be fooled by a pension scam – but nine out of ten of us were actually fooled by mocked-up scam material.

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#HolbornAssets #News #StGeorgesDay #UK

In the UK, the focus for St George’s Day celebrations (if anywhere) is the pub. Most Brits might say that they are proud of St George, but generally Brits do not use the national day as the focus for special events/holidays – as many Americans do with St Patrick’s Day for example.

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#HolbornAssets #News #Brexit #Summer #Shrinkflation

This buzzword describes the Brexit effect of food manufacturers cutting the size of portions in order to keep increased costs down.

UK manufacturers have been facing cost hikes of 20% since Brexit, says Ian Wright, Director General of the Food and Drink Federation.

These cost increases are based on the weak pound (caused by Brexit) – as well as operational fears in the retail supply chain over Brexit disruption and inflation causing … er … disruption and inflation. Click on the link below to read more...

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#HolbornAssets #News #FinancialPlanning

The landscape of personal finance is always changing – often in ways that don’t seem favourable. We as consumers have to stay informed and use that information to remain flexible – even if, as expats, we feel shielded from any immediate impact.

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#HolbornAssets #News #FinancialPlanning

Behind the surge in saving is a new awareness of pensions amongst Brits brought about by the Government Pension Freedoms of 2015, in which a number of liberating measures were announced.

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#HolbornAssets #FinancialPlanning #UAE #HMRC

Here at Holborn Assets, the new tax year in the UK (beginning April 6th) is a time to take stock. The accounting clock has started again and, with it, come four bits of good news in the area of personal taxation – as well as bad news for BTL investors in the form of mortgage interest relief cuts. Click on the link to read more...

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#HolbornAssets #FinancialPlanning #RealNews

You may know the saying: “never lie to your banker, doctor or lawyer.” In other words: “don’t lie to your professional advisers because they can only help you if you trust them and tell them the truth.” That’s all very well. But, how can we trust any professional nowadays? Somewhere on the internet there is bound to be a bad review of their services. And, in this new and disturbing era of “fake news”, we simply cannot tell what is true and what is not.

It is in the financial services sector that “fake news” has found a very real home. It seems like every day that a new horror story emerges online about pension scams or Ponzi schemes. There are even – on otherwise reputable websites – tales of the formidable FCA taking dramatic action that simply hasn’t happened. Click on the link below to read more...

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#HolbornAssets #Pensioners

But the truth is that pensions are not only so tax-sensitive but so varied nowadays, that professional help is the only way to navigate a retirement safely. You could probably say the same of many areas of personal finance, with product proliferation always accelerating; in the way of retirement options, from trusts to pensions, holidays to care homes, there is simply too much to choose from; and too much at stake.

With pensions, there are the life savings of families on the line – so what could be more important than to pick your financial products with care? Here at Holborn Assets, we urge you to use a professional adviser for your retirement planning, however you proceed.

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#HolbornAssets #Budgeting #Savings

It is often said that “charity begins at home.” So does budgeting! All the financial planning in the world (whether you seek professional advice from us here at Holborn Assets or elsewhere) won’t help you unless you tackle the nitty-gritty of the small stuff.

Tackle the “small” spending issues of your life and handling the big financials of mortgages and insurance become a lot easier. So why not take a fresh look at your home financial habits? They may be grubby, but maybe it’s time to clean up.
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