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Wear OS by Google API 28 final release

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Today, we are launching the Wear OS API 28 emulator. Developers can use this to test their apps against the redesigned Wear OS notification stream, as well as other API 28 features such as app standby buckets and sensor privacy. We received a lot of constructive feedback during the developer preview, and it made a huge difference in the final product. We are thankful for your support. Please keep the feedback coming!

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Make the most of Notifications with the redesigned Wear OS by Google
Today’s announcement of a new notification means that developers should:
➡️Make notifications more concise
➡️Set title and icon tint with color to set your brand apart
➡️Custom layout is no longer supported
Existing best practices apply for notifications, including the use of MessagingStyle and on-device Smart Reply. The new update will roll out in the next month.

To find out more about how to prepare for it, check out our developer blog:
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Wear OS Google Play Store policy update making Wear app review mandatory

To improve the quality of apps for Wear OS by Google users, Wear app review will become mandatory from:

➡️ 1 October 2018 for new Wear apps
➡️ 4 March 2019 for existing Wear apps

Apps that do not pass this lightweight app review will not be made available via the Wear OS Google Play Store.

The review process for mobile apps remains unchanged and independent of the Wear app review. Mobile app updates will not be blocked if they fail the Wear app review. To learn more about common issues, internal, closed and open testing, please check out →

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New Android Wear 2.9
The update rolled out includes:
🌟Preview messages with the new notification preview complication
🌟New unread notification indicator (on by default)
🌟Improved glanceability in notifications with longer titles

#AndroidWear 😎⌚

Update on 18 Jan 2018 Wear Policy Change
Back in August 2017, we announced a policy change for 18 Jan 2018 to encourage developers to build standalone Wear applications and adopt multi-APK delivery. Since then, developers reported unexpected latency between when a user installs a mobile app and when the corresponding Wear app is installed via multi-APK on Wear 1.0 devices. As a result, we are postponing the policy change related to multi-APK for Wear apps, but will go ahead with other policy updates on Jan 18.

Therefore on 18 Jan 2018, as previously announced we will:

1) remove the “Enhanced for Android Wear" badge in the Google Play Store from mobile apps that support Wear notification enhancements but do not have a separate Wear app
2) only feature apps in the Google Play Store on Wear that are standalone, i.e. Wear apps that do not require a mobile app to run.

We will, however, postpone the requirement that apps support multi-APK in order to receive the “Enhanced for Android Wear” badge. As a result, developers that bundle their Wear app with their mobile app, to support Wear 1.0 users, will continue to receive the badge for now. If your app supports both standalone and Wear 1.0 users, you will need to separately upload the Wear APK, in addition to bundling your Wear app with your mobile app.

We will continue to work on the latency issue around multi-APK delivery for Wear 1.0 devices, and will update the developer community when it is resolved. We will then proceed to remove the badge from non multi-APK apps, after a transition period, as planned.

If you have any questions or concerns, please let us know!

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Android Oreo roll out to Android Wear is starting today
Timing is determined by each watch’s manufacturer.

Improvements include:
🌟Notification vibration strength setting
🌟Touch lock option for wet conditions
🌟Support for 7 new countries / languages
🌟Plus more e.g. notification channels, battery saving background limits

Until next time! 😎⌚️

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New update to Android Wear
We just published an update to all Android Wear 2.0 watches and give you more reasons to pick your favourite watch for this holiday season:
🌟Launch your most recently used app via new complication
🌟See more of your notification with auto-sized text
🌟Notification now supports setProgress*
🌟Added connection status to Quick Settings - just swipe down from watch face
🌟Plus other enhancements including better detection of side swipe and long press gestures

Here’s a quick reminder of the Android Wear holiday lineup:

Until next time! 😎⌚️

* JavaDoc for setProgress:

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New AmbientMode headless fragment!
Many of you have asked for Architecture Components or Google Sign-in support for Wear which was not possible using WearableActivity. The good news is we have added that functionality with Android Support Lib 27 with AmbientMode! Give it a go and give us feedback at the Android Issues Tracker:

Other improvements include:
⚡️DeviceType API (detecting iOS device in China),
⚡️Global OAuth URL, &
⚡️Bug fixes to Complications & Wearable drawers APIs
and updated docs and sample.

Full list of improvements are in our release notes:

Let us know what you think at the Android Issues Tracker.

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More updates for Android Wear
With Android Wear 2.0, new features can be delivered through the Play Store, when the Android Wear app on your watch is updated. The aim is to publish more timely improvements between OTAs. We launched one such upgrade last week that includes:

🌟 3rd party chat app support in Contacts
🌟 Reduce accidental entry into the watch face picker
🌟 Improve Play Store discoverability for new users
🌟 Other features and bug fixes

Hope you like them and more to come in the coming months! 😎⌚

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Pro-Tip to speed up OTA download: In a wifi area, turn off your phone's bluetooth during download. It forces the watch to connect to wifi 😎⌚️
The Android Wear beta brings notification channels & battery saving background limits to the Wear platform!

Read the blog here →

Today, we are launching the public beta of the next version of Android Wear. Users of the LG Watch Sport can sign up to receive the beta update. As mentioned at Google I/O, this upgrade will mainly be a technical upgrade to API 26 with changes to app background limits and notification channels. Please submit any comments / bugs to the Android Wear issue tracker.
Android Wear Beta
Android Wear Beta
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