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Big Games 2016!

Black Hawk Down March 20, 2016

Normandy Landing June 4 & 5, 2016

Zombie Invasion October 30, 2016

Santa vs Grinch December 11, 2016 

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Black Hawk Down Tickets are now available on the website! Get them early and save money. #Hogbackpaintball #paintball #BigGames 

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Limited time offer! $5 Off Walk-On Rental! ... click here now to claim:

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Join us next Sunday for our very first Call to Duty Big Game!

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Tickets for the Civil War walk-on event are now available! Join us August 2 for a fun day of paintball.

There are no more rental packages available for the Normandy Landing Big Game! Thank you all for your amazing response. If you have your own equipment, we still have room. Come on out for some paintball!

#paintball   #hogback   #hogbackpaintball  

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Our site is currently up and running at! Purchase your tickets for or read up on the Normandy Landing Big Game Sunday, June 7.

Tickets must now be purchased at the gate!

Tickets are still on sale due to the extended downtime.  *Thank you everyone for your patience!*

The address will be back soon!

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We are currently experiencing technical issues with our website. We will update when it's back up!

You can contact us over the phone (703) 777-0057, here at G+, or by emailing

We are open for walk-ons from 10AM to 5PM Saturday and Sunday. Come a little early to get set up.

Normandy Landing tickets can be ordered over the phone.

Online booking is still available:

Tickets are on sale for Normandy Landing on June 7th! Come get your tickets for the biggest game of the year.

$20 for entry, $40 for entry and rental equipment until June 1.
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